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that part of the ovary of a flowering plant where the ovules form

the vascular structure in the uterus of most mammals providing oxygen and nutrients for and transferring wastes from the developing fetus

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The rodent possesses two placental structures: choriovitelline placenta, which develops first (until the 11 day of pregnancy) and chorioallantoic placenta, which shows considerable developmental changes as gestation advances.
The cytokine/hormone PLP-A was identified in small granules of the cytoplasm of the trophoblast giant cells (TGC) of the bounding zone of chorioallantoic placenta in both, control and stressed rats on day 12 of pregnancy (Fig.
Differential Expression of Placental Lactogen-II and Prolactin-Like Protein-A in the Rat Chorioallantoic Placenta. Endocrinology, 125 (3):1565-74, 1989.