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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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Extravaganza" featuring "50 Talented Singing and Dancing Broadway Beauties" The advertisement contains only one, hand-drawn image: a chorine performs a high kick, one lifted arm partially overlapping the name of "McIntyre" with the tip of her outstretched dancing shoe almost grazing the underside of the e.
Here it was chorines and sailors, but the same principle applies: Keep it lively, fast, and upbeat.
Living with people on Fire Island obsessed with calves, forearms, pecs, and deltoids, I learned years ago, is like living in a house of Vegas chorines backstage--tough dames, and tender-hearted, too, whose elaborate armature is not simply a desire to fit in with one's chums, but also, of course, a means to attract lovers.
There was a time when the world of dance was as sexist as that of business, only in reverse, mainly populated by ballerinas, chorines, and the "boys" who supported them.
Black and White/80 minutes "Flying Down to Rio" Leggy chorines soar on the wings of airplanes as comedy and romance lift spirits even higher.
Gavin, who is also the author of AoDeep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet BakerAo, spent nearly four years on AoStormy WeatherAo, talking with several chorines who worked with Horne at the Cotton Club in Harlem in the 1930s, MGM costars such as Betty Garrett, and friends and colleagues including Ruby Dee, Tony Bennett, Diahann Carroll and Arthur Laurents.
The fourteen dancers melted into patterns out of an old Golddiggers flick and at one point, all posed at the front of the proscenium and twittered their legs like a bevy of chorines from an old Movietone newsreel.
Watching nightclub hoofer David Breitbarth and his chorines change into their costumes for the next dance number was the best part of this affectionate revival of an old George Abbott show.
Two of these now middle-aged chorines, Sally (Linda Dangcil) and Phyllis (Freda Foh Shen), are haunted by memories of their nubile youthful lives when they were roommates being courted and bedded by the virile lads who eventually married them.
However, the song cried out for brassier backup from Sting's three female chorines.
The responsibility for creating the dances included rehearsing the chorines to a knife-edge precision -- an offshoot of the nineteenth-century Amazon Drill that employed phalanxes of women dressed in abbreviated military garb and helmets in unison-marching formations.
Unlike her 1995 tour ``The Nerve Bible,'' a multimedia spectacle that demanded 33 tons of equipment, ``The Speed of Darkness'' employs no minicams, video projections or animated cartoon chorines.
Director Trevor Nunn contrasts the syrupy excesses of the score with a bracingly cynical tone, and populates the stage with an eye-popping assortment of Hollywood types: cigar-chomping moguls, daffy chorines, aspiring scenarists.
Unmistakably `Chicago': With its bowler-hatted chorines and brassy Kander-Ebb score, its lean, mean Bob Fosse choreography and buff bodies, ``Chicago'' is easily the toughest, sexiest Broadway production in years.
With its bowler-hatted chorines and brassy Kander-Ebb score, its lean, mean staging and buff bodies clad in outfits that might've come from an S&M catalog, ``Chicago'' is easily the toughest, sexiest Broadway production in years.