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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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45) Yet Miller's model revue, while "glorifying the brownskin girl," intensified the commodification of the female form as part of early twentieth-century mass culture, while at the same time reinscribing a color-based skin-tone hierarchy in the casting of black chorine and showgirls.
Lo anterior sin restar importancia a los procesos psiquicos, recordemos que ya en 1934, Metalnikov y Chorine (63) afirmaban que "En general, no tenemos suficientemente en cuenta el papel que desempena el sistema nervioso ni tampoco el de la accion psiquica sobre la vida del organismo" al hacer referencia al papel e influencia de las fuerzas psiquicas sobre la vida del cuerpo y sus enfermedades, base de la actual psiconeuro- inmunoendocrinologia (64).
In fact, the salt derived chorine in the acidic water almost completely dissipates as the water is drawn off, leaving no lingering odour.
Samples from water points were collected and checked for Free Residual Chorine.
IN ITS CONTINUED EFFORT TO PROVIDE HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES FOR BABIES the Hain Celestial Group offers TenderCare environmentally friendly chorine free disposable diapers, Tushies gel free disposable diapers and Tushies wipes.
Golden Swallow emerges out of all this wielding twin swords like Okinawan sai ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and her straight sword like a samurai saber, fighting like a classical ballet-trained (which she was) chorine, cross-dressing in keeping with the huangmei tradition, sauntering into town like Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name" from A Fistful of Dollars or Toshiro Mifune's ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) Sanjuro, with the bearing of a female general from Peking Opera, and raising her sword against injustice like the women soldiers of the Chinese Communist imagination.
Extravaganza" featuring "50 Talented Singing and Dancing Broadway Beauties" The advertisement contains only one, hand-drawn image: a chorine performs a high kick, one lifted arm partially overlapping the name of "McIntyre" with the tip of her outstretched dancing shoe almost grazing the underside of the e.
Many large companies, including Wal-Mart and Microsoft, have either begun or completed phasing out their use of polyvinyl chorine (PVC) in packaging materials.
And yet the road version of Shuffle Along also hosted chorine Josephine Baker, who scored international stardom as a headliner for the Paris Folies Bergere; Hurston followed her first successful reworking of African American folklore in Mules and Men (1935) with Tell My Horse (1938), an examination of the practice of voodoo in Haiti; and Hughes's poem grounds itself specifically in a diasporic consciousness that embraces the Euphrates, the Congo, and the Nile as rivers of Black geography.
Levant, in one brief scene, ogles an overripe chorine, his obvious fantasy sexual partner of choice.
When mixed with chorine, a toxic gas is released causing coughing, choking and lung damage.
This process removes both the organic and nitrogen compounds while chloramines are converted to useful chorine.
Renee Zellweger on the 2002 tracks approaches the stupid-smart chorine differently, stressing vocal chops over talk-sing cooing, while Catherine Zeta-Jones has a nice, earthy authority as Velma.
Kimberlite is a host rock to diamonds, but not a source rock: Kimberlite indicator minerals consist of pyrope and eclogitic garnets, magnesian ilmenite, chromite, chorine diopside, forsteritic olivine and diamond and the presence of these minerals is used to determine the proximity of diamond-bearing kimberlites.