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a woman who dances in a chorus line

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Ansaloni et al., "Phase 3 trial evaluating hyperthermic itraperitoneal chemotherapy in upfront treatment of stage IIIC epithelial ovarian cancer (CHORINE)," Identifier: NCT01628380.
Under the terms and conditions of the contract, the repairing of filtration plants, adding chorine in water and to change filters had to be done by the contractor.
The IPC kits they contain like buckets for hand washing stations, chorine, soap, protection gear like gloves and boots, and also cloths and brooms that they would need for cleaning."
Clare herself has survived the past several years, first by working as a chorine in a nightclub called the "Firefly," and then by becoming the mistress of the club's gangster owner, Bugsy Brodsky.
(35) Wayburn, Ziegfeld's choreographer and the era's most famous chorus and showgirl dance trainer, introduced several aspects of African American performance traditions into his chorus work, including tap, modified shimmies, a subdued version of the oppositional antics of the end-chorine (the chorine who performs at the end of the chorus line), which was made famous by Josephine Baker, and several dances that had emerged from black cultural forms, including the Charleston and the Black Bottom.
CPE grades Weipren [R] 6025 (25% chlorine content, named as CPE25) and CPE 135A (35% chorine content, named as CPE35) were obtained from Lianda Corporation and Weifang Xuran Chemicals, China, respectively.
It doesn't contain all of the nutrients found in unrefined oil, its fragrance and flavor are different, and in most cases the coconuts used to produce it are of low quality and chemicals like chorine and hexane are used in the refining process.
Yet a perverse streak runs through his oneiric sensibility: The most ebullient of Demy's twelve feature films, Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Girls of Rochefort, 1967), contains a subplot involving an old chorine hacked to pieces by a spurned lover.
Memorandum of understanding with NeighborWorks, Copeland sewer bill, chorine supplier, public works issues.
Care must be taken when choosing cutting coolants to avoid any fluid containing Halogen elements (Fluorine, Chorine, Bromine, and Iodine) due to their highly corrosive nature when exposed to NiTi alloys.
Meredith's sister, Dixie, a literate Ziegfeld Follies chorine and silent-movie screenwriter, wrote the oft-anthologized poem that begins "I like the fall/The mist and all."
Commercial options include copper sulfate based solutions, peroxides, or chorine water.
Based on approximate flow rates of chorine stock solution recorded throughout the disinfection test, the average chlorine feed for each tower was estimated at approximately 8 ppm.