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Synonyms for choreography

the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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Much of the choreography is designed for the upper body and can be performed while seated in a room of any size or shape.
Marshall received his first Tony nomination for the choreography of Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Likewise, Lola de Avila, the interim associate director of the San Francisco Ballet School, prefers to teach students choreography without using videos or DVDs.
This won't be the first time Abdul lends her choreography skills to the big screen.
Although Duncan s choreography has been called improvisation, Levien's restagings and reconstructions suggest that a choreographic structure did exist.
His choreography over the past decade has become more precise and far more complex due in great part to the advent of computer programming.
As part of W3C, the Web Services Choreography Working Group, formed in January 2003, addresses issues inherent in the development of Web services and the relationships between different levels of operations within organizations.
Other trends are surFacing too, including an increased emphasis on technique, an upsurge in the modern/contemporary category, and a blossoming of crossover choreography that blends steps From various genres.
Danielle Wynn won a top choreography award for ``Thieves in the Temple'' and another top choreography award was given to Dennon Rawles for ``Everybody Get Up.
Owned by a group of eight dancers who range in age from 19-30, NHPA sets a high standard for presenting compelling choreography at competitions.
Traditional Greek and Spanish dances combine with the French Court dances of Louis IV to influence the choreography.
The flagship public television station and leading national producer of cultural and performing arts programming for PBS was honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for "Outstanding Non-Fiction Series," "Outstanding Choreography Program" and "Outstanding Classical Music-Dance Program.
The voice of choreography instructor Julia Felker kept the youngsters on the beat with quiet commands of ``Step, step.