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Synonyms for choreography

the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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Much of the choreography is designed for the upper body and can be performed while seated in a room of any size or shape.
Likewise, Lola de Avila, the interim associate director of the San Francisco Ballet School, prefers to teach students choreography without using videos or DVDs.
Matthews, who danced with Rambert Dance Company, designed and, with input from guest teachers, curates the unique study module that has helped launch the choreography careers of CSB graduates.
When Pleasant's teacher, Trista ReDavid, head of dance at High Tech High in North Bergen, New Jersey, learned about Repertory Etudes, she added it to her curriculum of technique classes and student choreography. "I wanted to introduce my students to classics that they would otherwise never have known about," she says.
The world premiere of Cortez's Carmina Burana, set to Carl Orff's powerful choral work, vacillated between moments of brilliance and spells of lackluster choreography. It never came together thematically or stylistically.
Although Duncan s choreography has been called improvisation, Levien's restagings and reconstructions suggest that a choreographic structure did exist.
"I'm really emphasizing doing age appropriate music and choreography. I want the competition/convention world to be about and for kids."
Owned by a group of eight dancers who range in age from 19-30, NHPA sets a high standard for presenting compelling choreography at competitions.
The 2006 choreography is pretty much accurate in steps if not always nuance, with certain necessary amendments, such as a couple of now traditional male solos and the coda to the pas de deux, and some unnecessary ones, such as replacing Ashton's Garland Dance with a confused new version by Christopher Wheeldon, cutting back the Hunting Scene, and retaining Anthony Dowell's feeble choreography for Carabosse and entourage.
Congelosi Dance Project Kris Cangelosi; Baton Rouge, LA 225.291.4587; Deadline: 08/14/2006; Number awarded: 4 Requirements: Post high school male and female dancers seeking performance and extended contemporary training Scholarship money pays for: Choreography, special workshops, tuition for classes
As a director, Kage asks the dancers to attack and push the choreography, not be led by it.
Her eight-page resume encompasses a career so full of performance (Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, for example), choreography, and teaching (American Dance Festival, Bates Dance Festival, New World School of the Arts, and many others), that it's no wonder she has only recently found time to complete her BFA.
But, she says, "Both of us were wondering where choreography was going to fit in, and when and how.
The whole question of creativity and the teaching of the gentle art of choreography unexpectedly erupted in Manhattan last October at a surprisingly less than staid press conference.