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compose a sequence of dance steps, often to music

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plan and oversee the development and details of

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But before you relegate it to the ever-growing list of jukebox musicals, consider that Tony winner Jerry Mitchell is directing and salsa genius Sergio Trujillo is choreographing.
It was an appearance on the TV show ``Soul Train'' that led to choreographing her first music video for Def Jam-recording artist Foxy Brown.
Fatima says to prepare she listens to the music over and over again to get her creativity flowing before choreographing.
While they're all happy to get a call from a Broadway producer--Dendy is working on the new Boubil-Shonberg musical, The Pirate Queen, for next season--they also agree that choreographing operas makes a lot more sense.
Director Barbara Coates has assembled a cast of 45 for the Cedar Street Theatre Production, with Lydia Michael choreographing the musical.
In 1962, she branched into movies, choreographing the film version of Music Man and winning an Oscar in 1969 for her work on Oliver
Jamison is particularly pleased to have de Lavallade, another legend, choreographing a ballet for the company.
Two-time Emmy nominee Rob Marshall, who received two Tony nominations last season as co-director and choreographer for his ground-breaking work on Broadway's "Cabaret," as well as an additional Tony nomination this year for his choreography in "Little Me" (which he also directed), will be directing and choreographing "Annie" in his television directorial debut.
The other thing he brought to the task of choreographing Bee was his understanding of how a dance sequence can help a musical tell its tale.
As creators, he, Parsons and Pendleton were choreographing bodies that fly through space and learning for themselves how that works and what it means.
Santa Claus" starring Angela Lansbury, and received two Tony nominations this past season as co-director and choreographer for his ground-breaking work on Broadway's "Cabaret," will be directing and choreographing "Annie.
The man responsible for this exhilarating spectacle, Yuen Wo-Ping, has been choreographing riveting fights for over 30 years, but it's only recently that he and his fellow fight choreographers have gotten the attention they deserve.
And now he is directing and choreographing his own touring production.
Neither book sets out to describe the master in the process of choreographing.
My husband and I are choreographing a tango pas de deux that will be part of Orlando Ballet's evening-length program called Ballet to Tango, Latin & Jazz with the Orlando Philharmonic.