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the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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Any interconnections between Les noces and Le sacre--musically, choreographically, or narrative-wise--are interesting to detect, especially given the wider historical, cultural, and artistic contexts that the two works inhabit.
Choreographically, the most obvious parallel to the scientific theory of chance is found in Merce Cunningham's work.
Since we're working with the dance as it appeared in the BBC program, sometimes, when the camera cuts away from the stage to the audience, my dancers retreat to an ordinary couch onstage, sitting on it, or using it choreographically.
This form of dance at its most advanced level demands an externalized, exaggerated performance of gender roles, a mastery of highly stylized sartorial and gestural codes, and an understanding of conventionalized sociosexual narratives conveyed choreographically.
Choreographically and conceptually, Mr Berkoff has given us the kind of glorious theatre we frequently long for at the RSC main house in Stratford, but so rarely find these days.
I hoped I could be convincing choreographically, if not in terms of speed and actual dynamic energy.
One scene which exemplifies this more than any other, and which was revised and extended between performances to heighten this effect, is the scene in which the conflict between subject positions and the theatricality of identity is choreographically illustrated on stage:
The third act of Contact--the "Girl in Yellow" section--is also coarse, and almost unbearably endless, but choreographically it's an improvement.
Musically and choreographically it is more difficult, " chimes in Daria.
Rites 2000' is almost a personal rite of passage in a sense because it's me challenging myself choreographically to work to classical music, because I've never done that before.
We wanted to do things, skating-wise and choreographically, that hadn't been done before, to have thought behind what we're doing, so that it wasn't just coordinated movements to a piece of music.
It is set in a youth club and all the kids in the show are a part of the spot I do at the end as well, backing vocals and doing stuff choreographically plus the band on stage.
As a force of circumstance, this has many pitfalls; I am unable to demonstrate effectively choreographically the relationships between 'black' men and 'black' women, 'black' women and 'white' women, and 'black' men and 'white' women which TRANSMISSION: Mother to Child stages and investigates.
It was challenging to nail down pieces that would work for us choreographically because so much of what they sing is full choir.
The subtle and choreographically demanding mix of touches poses a challenge in this atmospheric work.