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the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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Thinking choreographically reminds us that interactional sexism works by drawing its target into a relation of power.
Moreover, the semio-narrative categories transgress the verbal, and can be expressed choreographically, as I will show in the following lines.
Another difference the author identifies based on an analysis of two well-known frescos is that Italian artistic renderings of dance were more choreographically accurate than French images, which tended to follow narrative descriptions regardless of their accuracy.
The scholar briefly describes the characters depicted in it, and how they are choreographically organized, but a couple of details in his description leave--in my opinion--some space for discussion.
activity in the water related to fitness and other choreographically activities;
We strive to challenge ourselves dramatically, musically, choreographically and in terms of design by using those parameters as a starting point for everything we do.
Among the actorial forces related to the physical condition that the choreographic body experiences in live environments, a very important role is the one played by space, since the body must behave in the choreographic space according to its specific rules and conventions in terms, for example, of shapes, design, projection and other ways of choreographically exploiting the relationship with the spatial dimension.
Choreographically, there is a wider range of body types and a limited access to professional training in South African dance if compared to Euro-American contemporary dance.
The Macedonian ensemble delivered a clearly cruel performance, chipped off the depths of the popular bosoms, in which no signs of individual artistic hand could be perceived, yet the dance itself is so subtle, choreographically so rich, emotionally so tenable, and so plastically perfect that any attempt at doing something in it would only disrupt the ideal harmony among the aforementioned elements.
She explores the trends in health reform, women's rights, and expression that set the stage for the acceptance of expressive movement as an art; what populations supported this change; the most influential teachers and performers; and what was being taught in the schools and offered choreographically to Boston's citizens.
As "She-Wolf of France," she is choreographically transformed from Odette (delicate, suffering, male-dominated) to Odile (athletic, independent, imperious).
Any interconnections between Les noces and Le sacre--musically, choreographically, or narrative-wise--are interesting to detect, especially given the wider historical, cultural, and artistic contexts that the two works inhabit.
36) Their "improvisational" moments, while on the one hand requiring a sense of immediacy and connectedness (the "intensity" prized in his dancers) from the performers, on the other hand forced them to step outside the frame of their moving bodies to think choreographically.
Choreographically, the most obvious parallel to the scientific theory of chance is found in Merce Cunningham's work.
Since we're working with the dance as it appeared in the BBC program, sometimes, when the camera cuts away from the stage to the audience, my dancers retreat to an ordinary couch onstage, sitting on it, or using it choreographically.