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someone who creates new dances

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Choreographers have participated, sometimes peripherally and often anonymously, in the production of opera since its beginnings in 16th-century Italy.
He also encouraged talented emerging choreographers.
JOFFREY BALLET OF CHICAGO: This esteemed company will cook up a program comprising works by choreographer Gerald Arpino, including the world premiere of Footnotes for RJ, a tribute to the late ballet giant Robert Joffrey, who succumbed to AIDS complications in 1988.
Directed by Marlies Yearby, choreographer of Broadway's hit musical Rent, this exuberant modern dance company presents a diverse repertory of powerful, raw and poignant works.
He drew inspiration from African-American choreographer Alvin Ailey and artist Romare Bearden, a leading force in the Harlem Renaissance.
In the first rehearsal of Tan Dun's production of The First Emperor, which has its world premiere this season, Levy takes notes as choreographer Dou Dou Huang leads 50 dancers through a blend of martial arts and contemporary dance.
David Dorfman (no relation to Carolyn) is another choreographer who connects his Jewish background with a sense of humanity.
Barbara Roan is a dancer, teacher, and choreographer who was involved with DTW from 1967-1982.
Aubrey, who is also a choreographer and instructor, points to knees that may get their knocks in jazz dance as well as ballet; ankles for hoofers; lower back, shoulders, and feet for flamencos; and for breakers, shoulder, neck, arm, and hand injuries.
All members of the Young Dance Collective, they had been invited by postmodern choreographer Noemie Lafrance to perform their signature work, Be There For Me, within her site-specific performance piece Agora.
However, he first worked with master ballet choreographer George Balanchine at New York City Ballet, and appeared in movies - co-starring in ``The Turning Point'' and tap dancing with Gregory Hines in ``White Nights.
The French choreographer's iconic fat suits, in which 20 dancers waddle and cavort-and do it with great technical skill--to two Bach Brandenburg Concertos, aren't nearly as witty as this piece's sophisticated satirical jab at choreographers who deploy bouncy baroque music like sonic wallpaper, to conceal the cracks in their craftsmanship.
The mysterious woman by the water's edge is its choreographer, Yoshiko Chuma.
I was an abstract, post-modernist; now I'm flirting with meaning,'' says the 47-year-old choreographer.
Earlier that day, in a studio across town at Jefferson High School, choreographer Josie Moseley explains to nine participants, "It's not a gesture of the hand.