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someone who creates new dances

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Yet as a choreographer who inclines to abstraction, she harbored doubts.
JOFFREY BALLET OF CHICAGO: This esteemed company will cook up a program comprising works by choreographer Gerald Arpino, including the world premiere of Footnotes for RJ, a tribute to the late ballet giant Robert Joffrey, who succumbed to AIDS complications in 1988.
"Nobody likes to audition," she says, "but I understand that every choreographer has different ideas, and we are a very varied group of dancers." About the core group she says, "We audition separately and don't wear numbers.
DANA CASPERSEN, Dancer and Choreographer, The Forsythe Company
They built the program to give professional dancers and advanced students exposure to teachers, choreographers, and artistic directors while on summer layoff, and choreographers the freedom to experiment, and even, as Slipper put it, to fail.
The German choreographer extracts the turbulence below the surface in the shocking opening episode, where one of Schubert's most lyrical effusions creeps in on a brutal assault inflicted by one man on another.
Then there is the wish that choreographers and dancers shouldn't always expect audiences and critics (especially critics) to beat a path to their doorstep simply because they have cajoled someone to give them space and dancers--or even saved up their own lunch money over years for that same purpose.
One might call her a postmodern choreographer, a movement designer, or a visual artist whose primary medium is human beings--dancers, musicians, pedestrians.
Choreographer Brian Brooks came in to see the piece and give advice.
If dancers could address the problem by talking to the director or choreographer, or by seeing a bodyworker right away, the injury could he resolved sooner.
"Jack Moore, an amazing choreographer, artist, and performer, was always quietly there with wise suggestions when we were going crazy.
This is precisely what choreographer and dance historian Rebecca Rossen explored in her 2000 solo (later performed by David Dorfman) Make Me a Jewish Dance.
RDT first commissioned New York choreographer Zvi Gotheiner in 1993, and since then they've forged a productive relationship yielding half a dozen works.
Winners accepted their awards at The Joyce Theater ceremony with comments like "This is weird-thanks!" (performer Okwui Okpokwasili); "I promise that next time you give me a note in rehearsal, I'll say, 'Yes, ma'am!' "(performer Molly Hickock); "This is the first time I've ever been late to anything!" (composer Jonathan Bepler); "I actually really need this check right now!"(choreographer Cynthia Hopkins); and "I'm quivering all over!" (choreographer Christopher Williams).
Formerly with American Ballet Theatre, National Ballet of Canada, and Alonzo King's LINES, as well the Joffrey Ballet, Madonia emphasizes the relationship between herself and a choreographer as a deciding factor.