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compose a sequence of dance steps, often to music

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plan and oversee the development and details of

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Items in the Choreograph Collection make it easy to optimize every aspect of a shower to serve specific purposes.
I love to choreograph since it's where I can put my skills, passion, and imagination into one pot, and it also makes me feel sexy.
She talks enthusiastically about her students' work: ``Mary Razey has an amazing ability to create and choreograph a work.
Snapbridge XStudio is a powerful and flexible development environment for building information processing solutions based on open XML technologies, fully supporting the creation of XSLT to choreograph the federation and publication of data and content.
She continues to teach at Hunter College and occasionally choreograph.
One is that the students can choreograph their own pieces, and the other is that students perform in faculty-choreographed work.
Matsuda, now a youthful 60, reflected on the source of her passion between rehearsals of the last dance concert she'll perform in and choreograph at Moorpark College.
Until I was asked to choreograph an opera, I had never seen one," he said.
It was Kidd who suggested that she be hired to choreograph the 1955 revival, starting her on a career that would span more than four decades and win her eight Tony nominations and an Oscar.
I don't think I could choreograph without character and story.
Scheduling conflicts, crowded ice and other glitches make it tough for big-name skaters to give private lessons, choreograph routines or fit in their own practice time, Chin explained.
It's like watching light pass through a prism," said Martha Graham on the only occasion (in 1959) when she watched George Balanchine choreograph.
In 1997 she was hired to choreograph for the New Jersey Nets dance team.
A founding member of Dykes Can Dance, a troupe that stages interventions at New York clubs, Samson shares music duties, makes art, and choreographs the stage show.