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compose a sequence of dance steps, often to music

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plan and oversee the development and details of

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Ritu Kapoor, co-owner of Zenith Dance Institute, said "it is always a pleasure to see Sooraj choreograph for any event.
Items in the Choreograph Collection make it easy to optimize every aspect of a shower to serve specific purposes.
I love to choreograph since it's where I can put my skills, passion, and imagination into one pot, and it also makes me feel sexy.
But there's a difference, said Dendy, who choreographed last season's big hit at the Met, the Julie Taymor production of Mozart's Magic Flute.
You can come in with your ideas, but you can't come in with steps, with every measure choreographed."
The young Balanchine's constant hunger in those dark, post-revolutionary years, he calls "inadequate meals." His subject's daring, eroticized first ballets, choreographed at age 16, are labeled "more than merely promising." And maybe not trusting his own claims for his hero, Teachout ends up bashing Balanchine's predecessors and partners on the head.
Walsh, he made his Broadway debut in "Seesaw," in 1973, dancing in the chorus of the Cy Coleman-Dorothy Fields musical directed and choreographed by Bennett.
The idea for the daily "lightshow" was conceived by LeFrak CEO Richard Lefrak and choreographed by lighting programmer Dawn Chiang.
"Familiars" is choreographed by University of Oregon dance faculty member Rita Honka and performed by the Cowarts to African drum rhythms.
How many times do you watch a program choreographed only by men and don't even think about it?" asks Welch, who has choreographed works for American Ballet Theatre and San Francisco Ballet.
One of his greatest triumphs came in 1955 when he choreographed one of Britain's greatest film musicals, The Good Companions.
Scott Ellis directs, Laura Benanti stars and Warren Carlyle choreographs. Starts Feb.
(group version)," choreographed by Ruriko Aoyama, to music by contemporary American dance musicians Peter Jones and Tigger Benford;
Fatima has won numerous MTV awards, and she choreographed the 2002 Essence Awards.