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Chorea Gravidarum Secondary to Underlying Rheumatic Heart Disease
The differentials which were considered on history and examination were chorea gravidarum, rheumatic, systemic lupus erythematosus, primary anti-phospholipid antibodies, drug induced.
The positive history SLE and precipitation of events in previous pregnancy and pregnancy loss and 2D echo showing CHRD in this pregnancy indicated toward the likelihood of chorea gravidarum which was SLE and rheumatic in origin.
Muthipeedika, "A case of late-onset chorea.," Nature Clinical Practice.
At the Council of Vienne (1311-1312) the authorities complained that clerics and laypeople were still performing dissolute circular dances (choreas) and singing cantilenas in cemeteries when they should be in the church in prayer, and separately warned again nuns engaging in such dances.
(110) It is quite possible, as Yvonne Rokseth has suggested, that religious songs sometimes record circular dances (choreas) in relation to major feasts, like Easter or particular saints' days.
Et attende, quod gentilitas ad plausum idolomm choreas instituit, ut dens suns, et uoce laudarent, et eis toto corppore seruirent, uolentes etiam in eis aliquid more sun figurare misterii; nam per eireuitionem [Honorius: per choreas autem] intelligebant firmamenti reuolutionem, per manuum complexionem elementorum connexionem, per melodias cantantium harmonias planetarum: per corporum gesticulationes [Honorius: per corporis gesticulationem], signorum uel planetarum motiones [Honorius: motionem]: per plausum manuum et strepitum pedum crepitationes tonitruorum.
The primary involuntary movement abnormality, and often the earliest symptom, is chorea or choreoathetosis, continuous and irregular writhing and jerking movements.
Although Tables 2 and 3 emphasize chorea, the most frequent and obvious manifestation of HD, many other diseases with parkinsonian features, including Parkinson disease itself and multisystem atrophy, could be considered in the differential diagnosis of the more rigid variant of HD.
International Huntington Association (IHA) and the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) Research Group on Huntington's Chorea. Neurology 1994;44:1533-6.