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Synonyms for chord

a straight line connecting two points on a curve

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a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together

play chords on (a string instrument)

Related Words

bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

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The study, Early Outcomes of Mitral Valve Repair Using a New Prosthetic Ring with a Chordal Guiding System: A Multicenter Study, showed that the use of Memo 3D ReChord during mitral valve repair procedures allowed surgeons to implant more accurately.
Cusp-level chordal shortening is also an effective and simple technique for correction of cuspal prolapse in rheumatic patients, because the elongated chorda is usually quite thickened and capable of holding the suture.
k=0)] is equicontinuous with respect to the chordal metric and the Julia set is defined as the complement of the Fatou set.
On-X LTI) will launch its Chord-X Mitral Valve Chordal Repair System, the company said on Wednesday.
The other is sum-rate improvement, in which a maximum chordal distance criterion will be used.
Now he was at Carnegie Hall, tapping out chordal runs on the vibraphone as leader of his own big band.
We give a sufficient and necessary condition so that the glued graph of tw o Cohen-Macaulay chordal graphs at complete clone is a Cohen-Macaulay graph.
The recognition complexity for probe chordal graphs given a partition of its vertices into probe and nonprobe is O([absolute value of P][absolute value of E]) [2], whereas in the case that no partition is given the complexity is O([[absolute value of E].
As a by-product, it is proved that the class of probe block graphs is the intersection between the classes of chordal graphs and probe diamond-free graphs.
In the program notes, Dickson explains that he "channeled some of [Corea's] chordal and stylistic vocabulary.
The piano accompaniment is patterned and makes use of quartal harmonies and some parallel chordal structures.
It's mostly original tunes with their arrangements of Comin' Home Baby and Sunny added, and they reflect the band's ability to cover an amazingly wide range of moods with no help from chordal instruments or percussion.
Lattouf concluded his presentation noting that: (1) TransCardiac's MitraFlex “stitch and chord” may be superior to bow-tie stitch alone; (2) Single or multiple mitral chordal trans-apical replacements are feasible; (3) The TransCardiac MitraFlex may be the surgical minimally invasive alternative to more complex trans septal routes for applying an Alfieri type repair.
Right in the first composition, Fratres, originally written for a chamber orchestra of period or modern instruments and subsequently arranged by Part and others into another eight versions, the chordal harp accompaniment has in its archaic nature a far more expressive form than in the piano version, known to us from, for instance, Jiff Basta and Marian Lapsansky's recording (Supraphon 11 2156-2132, 1994).