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one of a pair of slender sticks used as oriental tableware to eat food with

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In the utensils department, there are fanciful tongs shaped like cat paws, and a man-shaped chopsticks holder with hollow legs so the sticks make him look like a stilt walker.
Pick up the first chopstick and hold it between your ring and middle fingers.
And it means that restaurants won't have to stock multiple utensils; forks and knives plus chopsticks.
Feed your bamboo or chopstick through it until it pokes against the container's back, and then poke a hole on that side as well.
Another Chopstick Story is a humorous approach to the story of Madame Butterfly by choreographers/ dancers Misato Inoue and Felix Dumeril.
Another friend was surprised to find my daughter digging into her noodles with chopstick.
Parks' company is Kwytza (k-why-tza) Chopstick Art.
Chopstick to Pencil, 2010, is buttressed by similar deception.
Don't look for this one in your local department store anytime soon, but a Japanese company is promoting a fashionable way to promote environmentalism and save forests, which are cut to make the roughly 25 billiion sets of wood and bamboo disposable chopsticks the citizens there use: a chopstick bra.
Some people believe that a 5 percent chopstick tax will do little to quash China's hunger for the disposable sticks.
Harvest Sweet Chilli Chopstick Chicken is made from 100% succulent breast meat, coated in a delicious, tangy, sweet chili marinade and served on a chopstick for that extra special authentic twist.
Atlantic Foods are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Harvest Chicken Range--Sweet Chilli Chopstick Chicken.
Typhoon introduced sets of ceramic rice bowls, and bamboo chopsticks and ceramic chopstick rests in pastels.
A clever ornithopter requires cereal box, paper towel tube, toothpicks, and chopstick.