chopping block

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a steady wooden block on which food can be cut or diced or wood can be split

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I might be next in the chopping block. So, I'll leave you at that," he continued.
Spotlight Veto "is guaranteed to be in the spotlight at the Veto Meeting, because this Veto has to be used to save one of the two nominees from the chopping block. Voting for the three POV twists is now open, but it will be closed on Feb.
APHA has urged President Donald Trump to protect the Prevention and Public Health Fund, as it was on the chopping block with possible Affordable Care Act replacements, and continues to be a potential target for cuts.
Caption: The Great White Oak may be the oldest oak tree in the world; now it's on the chopping block.
In fact all nine of the JCPenney stores in New Hampshire are not on the chopping block as the company seeks to reduce its footprint in the wake of continued slow sales.
Young opened The Chopping Block in 1997, after serving as a chef for the previous 17 years.
The Chopping Block, based at Flecknoe, near Rugby, has purchased a new airstream trailer which is being used to cater at high-profile festivals and events.
The three were left on the chopping block after an emotionally fraught face-to-face voting session on Monday, during which the housemates cried and cried as they went through their nominations.
He's started cooking" - she sounds a right chip off the old chopping block - perhaps the Corporation will stick with a food-related programme: The Crumble In The BBC Jungle; Top Gear Kitchen Nightmares; An Unsavoury Taste of Britain; Floyd on Fracas (in red wine); The Great British *** Off...
Once again the Postal Distribution Center in Shrewsbury is on the chopping block. Of course this decision makes no sense, as the antiquated, terribly located, poorly performing center in South Boston will remain open.
Baking for family, especially for kids, motivates a significant portion of those who buy bakeware from retailers like The Chopping Block, whose two locations in Chicago house cooking schools and gourmet stores.
British Open champion Mickelson announced that he would be scaling down his appearances next year, indicating that the US PGA Tour's money-spinning FedEx Cup playoff series might be on the chopping block.
After North Carolina A&T warned that the program was on the chopping block, swimmer Jasmine Gurley started a petition to save the team.
The book includes many cases of UK, US, New Zealand, Australian libraries that were eliminated and those that survived the chopping block. One entire section is given to the importance of data collection as a survival strategy.
High school biology teacher Scott Voss (Kevin James) finds a new lease on life and pulls out all the stops as he unleashes his physical side to rescue a colleague's school program from the chopping block in this action comedy from director Frank Coraci (The Wedding Singer, Click).