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a restaurant that specializes in steaks

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"Our first year was just a huge success for us, and we opened thinking we would do more, though it wasn't necessarily going to be a Bone's Chophouse," Jennings told Whispers.
Most of the space is expected to be leased before 801 Chophouse opens, but no tenants have been signed so far.
Decloux also was happy to make a connection with the Hanover Street Chophouse, talking with a chef who is seeking interns, as well as reconnecting with the Common Man Family of Restaurants, which already accepts SNHU interns and hires graduates.
Wiemer Dry riesling ($14 a bottle) and the 2015 Anthony Road Yellow Dog Vineyard ($40 a bottle) on the list at Stake Chophouse.
But her rancid assemblage served as a reminder of the waste endemic to the production of restaurant food, even in a chophouse that salvages the "ugly" cuts.
When I got better, success was making game meat "taste nearly identical to beef' Today, I consider it a success when I take the wife to a fancy downtown chophouse and she is disappointed with her $45, 28-day dry-aged beef fillet because it is isn't as rich, interesting, or tender as the elk I grilled at home.
The hotel offers four bars and restaurants including Summer Palace, The 1515 West, Chophouse & Bar, Cafe LIANG and Cafe LIANG.
Let's take the example of Worcester Restaurant Group, a local employer with 300 full-time staff and three popular restaurants -- the Sole Proprietor, One Eleven Chophouse, and Via Italian Table.
Located in Triangle Town Center at 3751 Sumner Blvd., Twisted Fork is a casual chophouse and bar twisted with a fresh bakery and unique specialty market.
Through a romantic brick courtyard is El Paseo, the special-occasion chophouse ($68 rib-eye, anyone?) he and rock-star pal Sammy Hagar took over.
On the eve of the wedding, a rehearsal dinner was held at the Mesquite Chophouse for family and friends.
Cuisine: Ribs, chops, and steaks, the Chophouse is as close as you're likey to get to a real English grill house.
At least when Chophouse Bistro gave itself five stars, which landed it at number eleven on the Totally Egypt list, they were honest enough not to hide it.
Mr Thomas's Chophouse in Manchester has selected 24 of the best student illustrators in the north for a competition and exhibition.