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a place where stolen cars are disassembled for their parts

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Reuters released an exclusive report Tuesday that federal investigators found the bodies of four unborn babies in Rathburn's chop shop.
Illegal campers in city parks and along the Willamette River sometimes set up bike chop shops that city workers clean up at public cost.
Those vehicles not destined for chop shops are advertised in car magazines.
The drop in recoveries of stolen vehicles indicates growth in well-organized, professional theft rings who direct stolen vehicles to chop shops, which dismantle them for parts or transport them out of the country," said Robert M.
Officials are taking steps to address another nuisance found at the Washington-Jefferson Park and other parks: bicycle chop shops.
This year's study once again showed the ongoing role organized crime plays in the problem of construction equipment theft, with law enforcement discovering nine theft rings and chop shops through tracking and recovering stolen equipment with the LoJack System.
But where Perry really scores is with the way he conveys the improbable reality that not only are these girls comfortable in rusted roadsters and cluttered chop shops, at deafening drag strips and on dusty dry lakes, but that there's no place they would rather be.
The so-called Iron Triangle near Flushing and Corona does not have sanitary sewers and includes more than 200 chop shops and other industrial operations.
Though 60 percent of all cars stolen are returned, the rest end up on the black market, shipped overseas, or in chop shops, where vehicles are dismantled and the parts sold on the black market, said Frank Scafidi, spokesman for the NICB.
attorneys to investigate chop shops and salvage yards.
Theft analysis involves, for example, tracking the locations and types of vehicles stolen and monitoring the known chop shops operating in the area.
Nearly a half million vehicles are stolen each year and not recovered, with many ending up in chop shops for parts, shipped overseas, or even used in the commission of other crimes.
There's nothing left to give him," he said before telling Sanders that "auto thefts and chop shops are not victimless crimes covered by insurance payouts.
The city's move to dramatically redevelop the Willets Point neighborhood, where more than 260 chop shops and other industrial properties call home, took another step forward.