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a place where stolen cars are disassembled for their parts

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Police say cars are stolen to order, depending on what vehicle the chop shop wants to 'repair'.
The discovery comes months after a raid uncovered what is believed to be one of the biggest chop shops ever found on Merseyside.
In Andrew Post's thrilling and unsettling novel Chop Shop, characters are sent into a churning mass of violence and gore.
It's more than we could have asked for," said Szachacz, co-owner of Chop Shop. To date, the salon has recycled over 3,000 pounds of supplies.
Gardai have recently launched a number of operations in the northwest, targeting chop shops.
They found what they suspect to be a working 'chop shop' for vehicle parts.
These include efforts to break up "chop shops", the name given to illicit garages in back streets or industrial estates that use spares to fix writeoffs which are then sold on through eBay, Gumtree, Autotrader or other sites.
Weave your way around the Spider's Lair, Catacombs, Bat Chamber and Chop Shop but don't disturb the spirits in the eerie grave yard (be prepared for one or two surprises along the way).
Reuters released an exclusive report Tuesday that federal investigators found the bodies of four unborn babies in Rathburn's chop shop.
A west Bradenton destination since 1971, the Chop Shop sells the raw goods, as well as pork and chicken smoked in-house and take-and-bake seasoned and marinated meats.
The All American Tattoo Convention is being promoted by William Ryan Harrell of Creative Champion in conjunction with Veteran Tattoo Artist Robert "Chop" Francis of Chop Shop Tattoos.
This is a cheesy, life-affirming drama about a grief-stricken boy, who heals his family's wounds when his gift for fashioning airborne missiles out of A4 takes him to the national paper aeroplane 99 Homes (Cert 15, 108 mins, PS17.99) Writer-director Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart and Chop Shop) examines the American dream turned sour in this gritty character study.
They have charged seven people after what was described as a major "chop shop" ring was uncovered in Dewsbury.