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"It's the same about the situation at the Catherine Street play park where the council want to chop down 10 out of 35 trees to make it all inclusive.
Hani Fannun said a group of settlers stormed olive orchards in Wadi al-Hariq, near the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, and used chainsaws to chop down 18 olive trees.
Maintenance work to chop down the affected trees in Stewart Park on Marton Road is scheduled to start on Monday, September 28.
ISLAMABAD -- The Capital Development Authority will chop down as many as 300 trees to make way for the Islamabad Expressway expansion project.
AYES.Let them finish flowering, then chop down their flower stems before they try to make seed.
According to the council, some of the applicant's actions have led to the council having to chop down three trees on the grass verge outside the spa, which sits at the top of the tree-lined avenue.
"I'm clumsy and would almost certainly cut both arms off - ending a career as a violinist before it had really taken off" - TV's Chris Tarrant on why he has to employ a tree surgeon to chop down his old trees.
This causes a steeper swing plane and allows you to chop down on the ball more.
She said: "I only found out on Monday that plans to chop down the trees were going ahead.
While some of the remaining forests are protected, large numbers of people illegally chop down the forests' trees to sell the wood for much-needed income.
Ex-Manchester United star Eric Cantona arrives at Nike's Joga Bonito (Play Beautiful) launch looking as if he's on his way to chop down a few trees.