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difficult to please


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That means people will be more choosey and will opt to attend events that offer better value for money, or opportunities for serious intellectual discourse.
Cushman's Mosler has made it publicly clear that he is open to a mega-sized acquisition along the lines of Jones Lang LaSalle's Staubach acquisition or CBRE's purchase of Trammel Crow -- though he's taken pains to state he will be choosey.
However, at the site level one is often struck by the high degree of variability within an assemblage which may imply that there is sufficient variability between handaxes and the skills of their makers to enable discrimination by choosey mates.
Mortgages are becoming increasingly hard to come by as banks are being more choosey about who they lend to.
Sophomore year, before I got turntables, I put "If Your Girl Only Knew" on a mixtape I made with a four-track--back when her "Choosey Lover" cover was my jam, back when she did that hook for Junior Mafia.
We need to be a little more choosey in terms of the projects that we pick and the type of products they are.
However, for young professionals, this creates a wealth of opportunities and the ability to be choosey.
Over the last couple of years, we have become more choosey because we've seen degrees of leverage in some of the pools [that] are indigestible.
Because demand drives supply, retailers can have an impact on how items are manufactured simply by being choosey buyers.
Cheryl Petersen, on the other hand, is not so choosey. Within two weeks of arriving in Vegas, she landed a six-month on-call contract in a showgirl show.
His department--which leases out office space, medical clinic space, apartments and multi-family houses, and retail properties--can be choosey about who gets in.
I suppose when you have as much money to spend as he does you can afford to be choosey.
The novelty of homevideo wore off, and consumers became far more choosey about what they rented.
Programs specializing in these areas have incredibly high job placement rates, and graduates can often be very choosey.
This highlights the fact that companies can afford to be choosey, but not slow.