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difficult to please


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Over the past five years, fassforward has attracted 21 talented individuals in consulting, coaching and staff roles, all of whom embrace the three core values and single guiding principle Fass and McMahon established in the beginning: be choosey, build a reputation, and touch a client every day.
And maybe ladies who aren't too picky or too choosey when it comes to choosing their date because they're going to get all sorts thrown at them throughout the series.
OTLEYBREWINGCO: No, I just think they are being more choosey about which pubs they go to and how much they are willing to spend there.
Lieungh said Aker Solutions was "well positioned" in its core markets and remained choosey about its projects, which somewhat limited its contract visibility.
The Court argued that it is acceptable for the state to create regulations that "express profound respect for the life of the unborn," (54) as long as those regulations do not create "undue burden" on a woman's right to choosey An undue burden exists and invalidates a law only if that law's "purpose or effect is to place a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion.
That is, males may not benefit by investing in manipulative chemicals if females are unlikely to remate until a male's sperm are depleted, and choosey females may not require the means to manipulate sperm from multiple males if they are likely to mate carefully and infrequently.
That means people will be more choosey and will opt to attend events that offer better value for money, or opportunities for serious intellectual discourse.
People may be a little more guarded and more choosey," he said.
Cushman's Mosler has made it publicly clear that he is open to a mega-sized acquisition along the lines of Jones Lang LaSalle's Staubach acquisition or CBRE's purchase of Trammel Crow -- though he's taken pains to state he will be choosey.
However, at the site level one is often struck by the high degree of variability within an assemblage which may imply that there is sufficient variability between handaxes and the skills of their makers to enable discrimination by choosey mates.
And that's quite a secure place to be fairly picky and choosey about what I do here.
Mortgages are becoming increasingly hard to come by as banks are being more choosey about who they lend to.
We need to be a little more choosey in terms of the projects that we pick and the type of products they are.
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