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a child's word for locomotive

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To have the Whole Grain Choo-Choo Train and Give Me 5 A Day
Whole Grain Choo-Choo Train 173,800 books, to be packaged in boxes of 100 books
And there's always the smell of apples, just like in the country when I was little and used to think I was a choo-choo train, running through the fields of corn and chugging up the hill to the orchard.
I liked the choo-choo train,'' Mary said as she munched on her snow cone.
This month we go adventuring in a variety of ways, be it on the sea or under it, aboard a choo-choo train or aloft in an imaginary "flyer" or in the night sky aboard a "wooden shoe.
A good old-fashioned choo-choo train, painted red, white and blue, pulls out of the station hauling a load of passengers, headed for a distant seashore through tunnels and cities, across flat plains and over high bridges, all the while answering a series of pointed questions to the rhythm of the chugging engine, the puffing smokestack and the clanging bells.
Sure, there is the undertone of chemicals that make your brain act like a choo-choo train, but there is also that faint hint of leather and walnut, even in cars with more plastic than a Hollywood bimbo.
Other profitable ventures included three miniature golf courses and an arcade; roller rink and ice-skating complex; a kiddie land fun fair and petting zoo, together with a choo-choo train that moved you from one end of the campus to the other.
The landscape of archetypal toys - the pull-along wagon and choo-choo train - creates an atmosphere of universal make-believe, explains designer David Sheltman, who shifted the toy-level world just a few degrees from reality.
The capital that, within living memory, stoically, and heroically stood and took everything the Luftwaffe could throw against it, organised a Sports Day for nearly 200 countries in the summer, and they couldn't put a football game on because their ickle choo-choo trains weren't running.
For continuing to peddle his fatuous claptrap about HSR and pushing taxpayers to throw good money after bad on extravagant choo-choo trains, CAGW names Rep.
Choo-choo trains are always a favorite, and lots of remote-control cars.