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Synonyms for chomp

to bite and grind with the teeth

to seize, as food, with the teeth

Synonyms for chomp

the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws

chew noisily


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STRATEGIC STEALTH Chomp was invented in the early 1970s by mathematician and economist David Gale of the University of California, Berkeley.
Even though Apple has not added most of Chomp's old features, the Free Apps of the Week and "Editors' Choice" apps are a start.
The school has already won the national championship twice and is hoping to replicate that success with Chomp Trumps.
The Weymouth, Mass.-based pet supplies company offers a wide range of front end fixtures, including shelf extenders, to make it easier to carry Chomp products in an area where they will sell at a brisk rate.
When the pickings are slim, however, they'll chomp the bones and suck out the marrow, a practice that can break the diner's teeth.
The audience can join in the adventure using electronic buttons on their seats to help Dudley Sidebottom, Fudge, Buttons, Chomp and Wildlife solve the mystery of the missing chocolate.
Paul and Brenda Zimmerman, the owners of this Pennsylvania farm, have taken up an enterprise on the side -- "alternative livestock." Ostriches prance in front of the silos, camels stretch out their necks to peer at their bovine neighbors, zebras chomp on grass in wide pens, and Alaskan reindeer stroll about while molting from the heat.
Of course, Drasner thinks Sniffers and other Chomp brands, including Yip Yap breath fresheners and Pit 'R Pat, deserve that spot.
Robo's opening act: It hoisted a car and took a big chomp with its jaw.
* Following the Chomp trend, sportscasters including Mary Albert and Greg Gumble take to the fields and courts.
CHOMP, CHOMP: Pupil Ally Garman has examples of food which are good and bad for teeth, Katie Edmunds holds a set of display teeth and Matthew Marshall with the healthy teeth poster.
O'Donnell did note a tendency for wasps on the receiving end of a chomp to start some task soon afterward.
Guys get together and chomp 'em, smoke 'em, compare sizes, watch women with them in their mouths, even have their own magazines about them with Excalibur centerfolds.
Your C-Class is worth around pounds 1,200 trade and pounds 2k retail and a recon box including labour and fitting will easily chomp through that.
He joined the string section to chomp along to a track on Rings Around The World.