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arborescent cacti having very spiny cylindrical stem segments

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Afraid of losing him in the thick chollas, I decided to dog the buck like a coyote, staying back but always keeping him in sight.
He lived in a pasture thick with waist-high cholla cactus--enough cover for stalking.
Diazinon concentrations in Chollas Creek during storm events have caused violations of the "toxicity" and "pesticide" water quality objectives (SDRWQCB 2002a).
The overall objective of this study was to determine the temporal trend of diazinon levels in the Chollas Creek watershed since the phase-out of this pesticide in 2004, in order to determine if this regulatory strategy has been effective in this urban watershed.
Stormwater samples from Chollas Creek watershed were collected as grab samples during storm events on March 2, March 29, April 14, May 22, and December 16 of 2006, and February 19, and April 20 of 2007 from four sites (Fig.
Flow measurements for Chollas Creek during this study were not available.
Additionally, QA/QC procedures consisted of enrichment of natural Chollas Creek waters at each sampling site, with at least two different levels (100 ppt and 200 ppt or 500 ppt) of diazinon spiked into these samples, in order to determine the accuracy of the ELISA method.
The Cholla Cactus Garden is dazzling from any direction, but particularly backlit, when these Neapolitan-like cactus (they have lime green tops, rust-colored middles, and dark brown bases) dazzle with fire.
The Cholla Cactus Garden is at the transition zone between the two deserts, and park visitors often turn back here because the Joshua trees disappear in the lower park.
One pasture on the ranch had some rolling hills, shallow draws, yucca clumps, tall grass, and cholla cactus.
Wherever possible, I maneuvered from yucca to yucca and cholla to cholla, and in open spots, I belly-crawled as flat as a deflated balloon, pushing my bow and hip quiver ahead of me and moving only when the buck's head was down.
After exactly one hour of this I was on my knees in a small forest of five-foot-tall cholla cactus--still 80 yards from the feeding, unconcerned antelope.
But I continued to glass throughout the day, and late in the afternoon I spotted a lone buck bedded in the shade of a cholla.
50% of nests being built in cholla (Cylindropuntia), 40% in mesquite, and the remaining in a variety of species.
Species containing nest Vegetation within 5 m of nest (a) 1 Olneya tesota OT, CE, PP, FD, CC 2 Cilindropuntia cholla BE, PP, CE, BM, JU, JC 3 Bursera microfila CC, LC, BE, BM, CE, JU 4 Cytocarpa edulis CC, JC, CE, LC 5 Cilindropuntia cholla CC, CE, FD, ST 6 Cytocarpa edulis CE, CC, FD 7 Cilindropuntia cholla CC, BM 8 Bursera microfila CE, CC, JC 9 Cytocarpa edulis CC, JC, CE, LC 10 Cytocarpa edulis CE, CC, FD, JC 11 Cilindropuntia cholla CC, CE, FD 12 Stenocereus thurberi PA (a) OT = Olneya tesota, CE = Cyrtocarpa edulis, PP = Pachycereus pringlei, FD = Fouquieria diguetii, CC = Cilindropuntia cholla, BE = Bursera eppinata, BM = Bursera microphylla, JU = Jatropha cuneata, JC = Jatropha cinerea, LC = Lysiloma candida, ST = Stenocereus thurberi, PA = Prosopis articulata.