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arborescent cacti having very spiny cylindrical stem segments

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The acquisition of Friendship Villas at La Cholla is Tanbic and Solterra's first acquisition together.
This was the first time that the exceptionally well-located loft building has traded in 37 years and its popular and thriving restaurant and hotel with frontage on both Broadway and East 19th Street, played a major role in achieving this robust price," said Polsinelli, who represented the Cholla LLC in both the sale of the property and the sale of the leasehold interest in Hotel Verite.
50% of nests being built in cholla (Cylindropuntia), 40% in mesquite, and the remaining in a variety of species.
The coal plants covered by EPA's plan -- Cholla, Coronado, and Apache -- have dramatic impacts on visibility, impairing the air quality in these revered national parks.
com)-- Trupanion, the nation's fastest-growing pet insurance provider, today announced their most unusual claim of the year thus far - a dog attacked by javelina (a species of wild pig) who then fell into a patch of cholla cactus.
Copper Ridge School in Scottsdale, AZ and Cholla Elementary in Casa Grande, AZ have completed the installation of solar electric systems with a combined power output of 764 kilowatts.
None of those, however, equal that most despicable life form, the teddy bear cholla cactus.
He lived in a pasture thick with waist-high cholla cactus--enough cover for stalking.
A week after editing the piece, which appears on page 32, I spent a few days in Joshua Tree National Park, snapping photos in the cholla cactus garden, hiking through Hidden Valley, and watching lizards sun themselves near Barker Dam.
The 21st Century Skills group could have written these goals with Arizona's Cholla High School Magnet Law Program in mind.
The tracks are Daybreak (4:38), Ibo Oye (3:52), One Race (3:51), Bodhisattva (2:37), Kona Honu (2:57), Desert Rain (3:30), Thirteenth Moon (3:12), Pathfinder (3:00), Ma Mere La Mer (4:00), Mi Sonora (3:10), Reflecting Pool (2:42), Barefoot in Cholla (3:36), and After the Storm (5:12).
Pincushion, hedgehog, organ pipe, and 15 kinds of prickly pear--desert cacti with odd names, even a cholla called teddy bear.
The Joshua trees disappear here, but ocotillo and cholla cactuses take their place.
Bernie Ecclestone, the sport's commercial promoter, and Park Joon-Yung, governor of the South Cholla province, reached an agreement last night that will see the south-east Asian country host an annualWorld Championship race until 2016.
There are several hundred barrels, about 50 nice cholla, and a few Mammillaria grahamii [fishhook pincushion].