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arborescent cacti having very spiny cylindrical stem segments

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On a visit in the morning or late afternoon, gaze across the cholla field toward the sun, which backlights the cactuses and casts them in a soft, fuzzy glow.
This was the first time that the exceptionally well-located loft building has traded in 37 years and its popular and thriving restaurant and hotel with frontage on both Broadway and East 19th Street, played a major role in achieving this robust price," said Polsinelli, who represented the Cholla LLC in both the sale of the property and the sale of the leasehold interest in Hotel Verite.
These include mesquite pods, sugar cane and cholla buds, along with Pima Club Wheat, chilis, squash and melons (during the growing season).
50% of nests being built in cholla (Cylindropuntia), 40% in mesquite, and the remaining in a variety of species.
There's no reason to feel that keeping near the established trails, steering clear of wildlife, and avoiding the teddy bear cholla will bring anything but wonderful and safe experiences.
The presence of an acoustic guitar only served to make the crowd pine for the skyscraping likes of Cholla and Austere.
Wolf's Law shifts effortlessly between the chugging, scuzzy riffs heard on singles This Ladder Is Ours and Cholla and the poignant, string-laden beauty of The Turnaround and the title track.
Right now I love Cholla and Silent Treatment - Cholla is really fun and exciting to play, but it is also a really personal and poignant track and that's why you do go through so many different emotions when you are on stage.
The dates coincide with the release of new single Cholla, another taste of second album Wolf's Law which is out on January 2013.
The coal plants covered by EPA's plan -- Cholla, Coronado, and Apache -- have dramatic impacts on visibility, impairing the air quality in these revered national parks.
A poisonous gas leaked from the tanks of the Union Carbide pesticide plant located in the Cholla area of Bhopal on the intervening night of December 2- 3, 1984, killing more than 20,000 people and maiming thousands more for life.
None of those, however, equal that most despicable life form, the teddy bear cholla cactus.
Tree Swallow entangled on teddy bear cholla spines.
2006), especially Opuntia imbricata, a cholla cactus native to the southwest United States (Kinraide 1978; Benson 1982).
He lived in a pasture thick with waist-high cholla cactus--enough cover for stalking.