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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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While there is no cure or existing treatment to prevent Alzheimer's disease, there are currently-available FDA-approved treatments, such as combination therapy with memantine and a cholinesterase inhibitor, which can alleviate symptoms by providing cognitive, functional, and behavioral benefits," said George Grossberg, MD, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, and the lead investigator who presented the data.
Four of the five drugs are cholinesterase inhibitors, which enhance cholinergic neurotransmission and may benefit patients with mild to moderate disease.
It concluded that although these three cholinesterase inhibitors are modestly efficacious for mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, there are no differences among them in terms of efficacy, even though the three drugs work in slightly different ways.
For those taking vitamin E, with or without a cholinesterase inhibitor, there was a 26% reduction in risk of dying (statistically significant at P = .
2000) that CPF is more than a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Typically combined with a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Donepezil, like other cholinesterase inhibitors, is used to treat early stages of Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
The first controlled study assessing workers who suffered acute poisoning from cholinesterase inhibitor compounds and/or organochlorides was reported by Savage et al.
Wattmo and her associates analyzed data from the Swedish Alzheimer Treatment Study (SATS), a 3-year, prospective, open-label, nonrandomized multicenter study launched to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of cholinesterase inhibitor treatment in a routine clinical setting.
About two-thirds of the participants consumed 1,000 IU vitamin E twice a day along with a cholinesterase inhibitor drug commonly used to treat their disease.
If the symptoms are not massive, acute, or destructive, and are combined with dementia, the wise thing is to first try a cholinesterase inhibitor, because the atypical antipsychotics are associated with an increased risk of cerebrovascular or cardiovascular events.
A cholinesterase inhibitor for treating mild to moderate Alzheimer's dementia.
LAS VEGAS -- If you're stumped about which cholinesterase inhibitor to prescribe for your patients with newly diagnosed Alzheimer's disease, rest assured that the clinical effects are similar with all such agents.
We wanted to see if there was a link between initiation of a cholinesterase inhibitor and subsequent hospitalization for bradycardia," says lead author Laura Y.
One examined a small cohort of 24 cholinesterase inhibitor (ChEI) recipients vs.