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The cholinergic synapses are in CNS, somatic nerves, ganglionic synapses of the autonomic nerves, parasympathetic nerve endings and sympathetic nerve endings to sweat glands.
In addition, while AChE would be expected to be present in cholinergic synapses, its presence is no guarantee that the systems with which it is associated are necessarily cholinergic.
Aging processes of cholinergic synapses have been delineated in Section 1 as follows: acetylcholine release from synapses decreases due to diminished calcium influx via voltage-dependent calcium channels, and the electric excitability of synaptic membranes is reduced due to the decreased activity of the electrogenic enzyme ouabain-sensitive [Na.
A possible explanation is that while serpentine inhibits isolated acetylcholinesterase, it may fail to reach acetylcholinesterase deep in the cholinergic synapses at the neuromuscular junction due to poor tissue penetration.
These findings suggest that TDE possibly elevates the endogenous ACh level at the cholinergic synapses in hippocampal circuits.