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releasing or activated by acetylcholine or a related compound

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Cholinergic receptor blockade by scopolamine and mecamylamine exacerbates global cerebral ischemia induced memory dysfunction in C57BL/6 J mice.
1989) Phosphorylation of chick heart muscarinic cholinergic receptors by the [beta]-adrenergic receptor kinase.
Carbachol creates contractile responses via muscarinic cholinergic receptors in vitro studies.
Expression and distribution of cholinergic receptors in the human urothelium.
Nondepolarizing agents cause muscle paralysis by affecting the postsynaptic cholinergic receptors at the neuromuscular junction.
Haley and his colleagues reasoned that if low-level satin or pesticides had damaged Gulf Was Veterans' brains, a likely target of the damage would be cholinergic receptors on cells in certain brain structures.
Neurotoxic effects result when reactive oxon metabolites form covalent bonds with acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and inhibit AChE-catalyzed inactivation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, resulting in hyperstimulation of cholinergic receptors and symptoms of acute OP toxicity.
Nicotinic cholinergic receptors have been demonstrated on keratinocytes, which may control keratinocyte adhesion and upward migration in the epidermis," Dr.
Chapter topics include: the role of prefrontal cholinergic receptors in the pathology of schizophrenia; participation of the prefrontal cortex in the processing of sexual and maternal incentives; the orbitofrontal cortex and emotional decision-making; the role of the prefrontal cortex in cognitive impairment in Parkison's disease, and noradrenergic actions in prefrontal cortex as they relate to AD/HD.
Asenapine binds to several serotonergic, dopaminergic, and a-adrenergic receptors, but has almost no affinity for muscarinic cholinergic receptors, and so is assumed to cause fewer significant anticholinergic side effects, compared with other antipsychotic medications.
Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors (MCR) are involved in the vagal baroreflex, both at the integration and at the effectors levels.
The phosphorylated AChE cannot break down ACh and accumulation of acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft causes excess stimulation at cholinergic receptors throughout the central and peripheral nervous system.
Organophosphate pesticides cause decreased brain weight, decreased cholinergic receptors, hyperactivity, motor and coordination problems in laboratory animals.
Algunos de los nuevos terminos "colocables" son: Activism (activismo); Behavioral Economics (economia conductual); Bullying (matoneo); Cholinergic Receptors (receptores colinergicos); Cloning (clonacion); Evolutionary Psychology (psicologia evolucionaria o evolucionista); Globalization (globalizacion); Implicit Learning (aprendizaje implicito); Online Therapy (terapia en linea); Qualitative Research (investigacion cualitativa); Safe Sex (sexo seguro); Synesthesia (sinestesia); Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (estimulacion magnetica transcraneal) y Volunteers (voluntarios).
In a matter of seconds, nicotine from inhaled smoke crosses the blood-brain barrier and begins altering brain chemistry through binding to cholinergic receptors normally activated by acetylcholine.