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1989) Phosphorylation of chick heart muscarinic cholinergic receptors by the [beta]-adrenergic receptor kinase.
Cholinergic receptor subtypes and their role in cognition, emotion, and vigilance control: An overview of preclinical and clinical findings.
Muscarinic Cholinergic Receptors (MCR) are involved in the vagal baroreflex, both at the integration and at the effectors levels.
3-9) Scopolamine blocks central muscarinic cholinergic receptors, which reduces production of glutamate receptors and leads to reduced glutamate transmission and neurotoxicity.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A primary literature review was conducted, consisting of a PUBMED database search of English language articles using the keywords Varenicline, smoking cessation, and partial agonist alpha4beta2 nicotinic cholinergic receptor.
Articles integrate molecular and neurochemical approaches to behavior applications in animal models and clinical applications with cutting-edge research in such topics as pharmacologic models (muscarinic receptor antagonists and nicotinic receptors in rats, animal models and the cognitive effects of ethanol, toxocologic models (lead exposure, methylmercury, PCBs, MPTP), mouse genetic models (transgenic mouse models of amyloid deposition, cholinergic receptor knockout mice, mutant mice) and model applications and future developments (pharmacology in aging macaques, traumatic brain injury, models using complementary species and cognition models and drug discovery).
Alcohol-induced cholinergic receptor losses in alcoholics with AD may contribute to the clinical symptoms of dementia.
Current clinical research efforts are directed to synergistic actions of arresting inflammatory process or neurodegeneration and combining cholinesterase inhibitor with selective cholinergic receptor modulation.
Low-dose effects of paraoxon in adult mice exposed neonatally to DDT: changes in behavioural and cholinergic receptor variables.
In a class yet to be affected by generic competition, growth in the Alzheimer's market will be driven by the launch of new types of drugs including GABA receptor modulators, anti-amyloid protein agents and nicotinic and cholinergic receptor agonists
Moreover, given serpentine's potent in vitro AchE inhibitory activity and low cholinergic receptor affinity, it is conceivable that minor structural modifications may yield a potent and selective AchE inhibitor, potentially useful for the pharmacological management of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and/or myasthenia gravis.
Secondary receptor properties shared by some of these drugs may be sedating and may interfere with the drugs' procognitive actions Muscarinic cholinergic receptor antagonism seen with olanzapine and quetiapine may interfere with procholinergic actions on acetylcholine release related to improved cognition.
These compounds target and stimulate the nicotinic alpha-7 cholinergic receptor.
The invention described in the patent embodies novel approaches to inhibit the cellular release of pro-inflammatory cytokines through administration of cholinergic receptor agonists or direct stimulation, including electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve.