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Synonyms for hypercholesterolemia

the presence of an abnormal amount of cholesterol in the cells and plasma of the blood

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Enzymatische Bestimmung des Gesamtcholesterins mit dem [Enzymatic dosage of total cholesterolemia by Greiner Selective Analyzer (GSAII)].
Cholesterolemia and total, cardiovascular and cancer mortality.
Partial or total replacement of fish meal by soybean protein on growth, protein utilization, potential estrogenic or antigenic effects, cholesterolemia and flesh quality in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss.
The primary course of high triglycerides includes familial hyper cholesterolemia and secondary effecter can arise due to carbohydrate, alcohol and diabetes induced high triglycerides, obesity, chronic renal failure nephritic syndrome, excessive stress etc (9).
Both hyperglycemia [1] and cholesterolemia [2,3] can alter the shape of the erythrocytes, which may lead to increase in aggregation and decrease in deformability.
7] Zulet MA and A Martinez Mediterranean diet: legumes and cholesterolemia.
by skipping doses or cutting pills in half) as cholesterolemia is typically an asymptomatic condition.
Conclusion: Portulaca oleracea reduces triglyceridemia, cholesterolemia, and improves reverse cholesterol transport in rat fed enriched-cholesterol diet, contributing to anti-atherogenic effects.
This report is the first of a loss-of-function mutation in PCSK9 within the white Canadian population that displays such a profound effect on cholesterolemia.
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