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the presence of an abnormal amount of cholesterol in the cells and plasma of the blood

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Results: The results of platelet count and mean platelet volume were found to be significantly different among subjects with normal cholesterolemia (less than 5.
Inhibition of elevated hepatic glutathione abolishes copper deficiency cholesterolemia.
Overall, it seems that there is enough evidence that including flaxseeds into the diet can modify cholesterolemia.
The patients with history of menstrual irregularities and complications, hypertensions, smoking, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disease, asthma, familial hyper- cholesterolemia, and history of steroid intake or with any other acute and chronic illness were excluded from the study and also those who had received periodontal treatment in the last six months before the beginning of this study were not included in the study.
Other risk factors like hyper cholesterolemia and hyper leptinemia also accompanied hyper-insulinemia in obese group.
Partial or total replacement of fishmeal by soybean protein on growth, protein utilization, potential estrogenic or antigenic effects, cholesterolemia and flesh quality in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss.
88) Table 4: Incidence of dyslipidemia in hypothyroid patients Hyper- Hyper- cholesterolemia triglyceridemia No.
Influence of statins on glucose tolerance in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: sub analysis of the collaborative study on hyper- cholesterolemia drug intervention and their benefits for atherosclerosis prevention (CHIBA Study) J Atheroscler Thromb 2009; 16297-8.
It is worth mentioning that abdominal aortic aneurysms are very common among elderly patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension and cholesterolemia.
The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is characterized by abdominal obesity, elevated blood pressure, hypertriglycemia, low highdensity lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterolemia, and hyperglyceridmia (1).
Cholesterolemia and total, cardiovascular and cancer mortality.
8% of diet, 4-wk period) led to several unexpected and deleterious effects on lipid metabolism, including the increased liver lipid content and postprandial cholesterolemia.
It was concluded from this evaluation that hyper- cholesterolemia decreases BMD, and dose of the Juniperus Communis oil in hypercholesterolemia affect the relationship between LDL-C level and BMD.
The classical risk factors for cardiovascular diseases are hypertension, hyper- cholesterolemia and cigarette smoking-account for only about one-half to two-thirds of all cases of the disease.
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