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the display of a motion picture

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fabric of metal or plastic mesh

the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it

testing objects or persons in order to identify those with particular characteristics

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Desperate Housewives" star and heart health advocate, Brenda Strong, is leading the charge to encourage 100,000 women to get a cholesterol screening this year, and begin living a heart healthy lifestyle through the "Beautify Your Heart" program.
Wellness Tour Mobile Unit Offers Free Diabetes Education and Cholesterol Screenings to Race Spectators
Donna Miller, MD, a Bennington, VT-based pediatrician uses the Cholestech Corporation LDX(R) cholesterol screening device in her private practice.
Another test that adds value to cholesterol screening is a high-sensitivity test for C-reactive protein (hs-CRP), a chemical that signals inflammation somewhere in the body.
The nation improved on only one indicator, rising from "unsatisfactory" to "satisfactory minus" in cholesterol screening for women.
Those with diabetes were more likely to receive recommended cholesterol screening and blood glucose testing.
The post provided a cholesterol screening, a cardiologist and a pediatrician spoke, and a personal trainer and a psychologist discussed stress management.
Nurses will perform blood pressure and cholesterol screening.
The booths offering free cholesterol screening most often use a home cholesterol test, during which they prick your finger and boast results in just a few minutes.
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When we combine the high-sensitivity CRP test with standard cholesterol screening, we can do a far better job of predicting who will ultimately go on to have a heart attack or stroke than if we had relied on cholesterol levels alone.
scheduled a wellness fair that offered cholesterol screening, body fat analysis, and--for the first time--bone density scans.
More importantly, the combination of the hs-CRP test with cholesterol screening provides a much better way of predicting who is more likely to get a heart attack than does cholesterol screening alone.
The ACP proposal would, in effect, ration cholesterol screening, says the Dallas-based American Heart Association, which endorses the NCEP guidelines.
You should check with your regular physician to ask for a cholesterol screening," said Peter Toth, MD, PhD and president of the NLA.
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