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a tumor composed of granulation tissue resulting from injury or inflammation or infection

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Based on these findings, the final diagnosis was a cholesterol granuloma of the paratesticular tissue.
Cholesterol granuloma is a fibrogranulomatous lesion that develops secondary to a foreign body reaction to cholesterol crystals and exhibits the accumulation of foreign body giant cells.
The histopathologic findings were consistent with cholesterol granuloma.
Thus, cholesterol granuloma is a foreign-body reaction to Cholesterol Granuloma of Maxillary Sinus--Leon et al 217 the presence of cholesterol crystals formed during the inflammatory process.
In this article, the author describes a new case of petrous apex cholesterol granuloma to illustrate the definitive need for an extended middle fossa approach when a bilobed petrous apex mass is encountered.
The differential diagnosis of a cholesterol granuloma includes cholesteatoma, mucocele, chondroma, chondrosarcoma, metastatic carcinoma, dermoid, giant-cell tumor, and cavernous hemangioma.
The pathogenesis of petrous apex cholesterol granuloma remains controversial.
This case is interesting because the MRI characteristics of both the cholesteatoma and the cholesterol granuloma could be visualized in the same image.
Thick fluid with gold-yellow specks was aspirated, and a diagnosis of a cholesterol granuloma was made.
On imaging studies, each patient had a different pathologic lesion that involved the endolymphatic sac or duct: patient 1 had a jugular megabulb, and she was ultimately treated with vestibular nerve section; patient 2 had a cholesterol granuloma, which was treated with surgical excision; patient 3 had an endolymphatic sac tumor that was treated with surgical excision.
This in turn can lead to various clinical processes, such as the development of a mucocele, cholesterol granuloma, and apical petrositis; on the other hand, petrous apex effusion is sometimes an incidental finding of no clinical significance.
The differential diagnosis includes blue eardrum and cholesterol granuloma.
The outer part of the mass was hyperintense on T1- and T2-weighted MRI, which is a sign of cholesterol granuloma.
A cholesterol granuloma of the tip of the petrous bone is a smoothly expanding mass that contains cholesterol crystals, hemosiderin-laden macrophages, fibrous tissue, chronic inflammatory cells, and blood vessels.
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