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a tumor composed of granulation tissue resulting from injury or inflammation or infection

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Based on these findings, the final diagnosis was a cholesterol granuloma of the paratesticular tissue.
Cholesterol granuloma (CG) is a histopathologically used term which describes numerous cholestrol clefts that are often surrounded with foreign-body giant cells, foam cells and macrophages filled with haemosiderin.
Cholesterol granulomas and giant cholesterol cysts (GCCs) of the petrous apex are rare lesions of the temporal bone.
The histopathologic findings were consistent with cholesterol granuloma.
In this article, the author describes a new case of petrous apex cholesterol granuloma to illustrate the definitive need for an extended middle fossa approach when a bilobed petrous apex mass is encountered.
The pathogenesis of petrous apex cholesterol granuloma remains controversial.
The MRI identified the posterior lesion as a cholesterol granuloma and the anterior mass as a cholesteatoma pearl (figure 2, A).
Extradural cholesteatomas must be differentiated from squamous cell carcinoma (which has malignant squamous epithelium) and cholesterol granuloma (which contains cholesterol clefts).
Culture and histology of the sinus contents detected evidence of a cholesterol granuloma but no fungal material.
They are especially helpful for chronic mucoid otitis media, which if not treated with a ventilation tube can progress along a continuum leading to chronic otitis media and chronic mastoiditis characterized by granulation tissue, cholesterol granuloma, and/or cholesteatoma.
in the absence of physical trauma to the membrane) or in association with chronic otitis media as a result of the formation of granulation tissue or a cholesterol granuloma.
Without a supportive history, a blue eardrum in the presence of a cholesterol granuloma can make the differential diagnosis difficult.
Thick fluid with gold-yellow specks was aspirated, and a diagnosis of a cholesterol granuloma was made.
On imaging studies, each patient had a different pathologic lesion that involved the endolymphatic sac or duct: patient 1 had a jugular megabulb, and she was ultimately treated with vestibular nerve section; patient 2 had a cholesterol granuloma, which was treated with surgical excision; patient 3 had an endolymphatic sac tumor that was treated with surgical excision.
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