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an animal sterol that is normally synthesized by the liver

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Table 102: Latin American Historic Review for CholesterolTesting by Test Type - Lipid Panel Test/Complete LipidProfile, Apolipoprotein B, and Other Cholesterol TestsIndependently Analyzed with Annual Tests in Thousands forYears 2006 through 2012 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-76
If your cholesterol levels are outside the acceptable range, your health care professional will always advise you to make certain changes to your lifestyle, such as losing weight, stopping smoking and changing your diet.
The Cholesterol market analysis is provided for the United States markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
Based largely on studies of oatmeal, in 1997 the Food and Drug Administration approved a health claim that the soluble fiber in oats can help lower cholesterol.
When too much LDL cholesterol circulates in the blood, it can slowly build up in the inner walls of the arteries that feed the heart and brain and form a hard deposit that can clog those arteries.
Both total cholesterol and LDL levels were significantly lower among the walnut-eaters than those in the control diet.
APOE typically ferries cholesterol around in blood, so the investigators tried adding cholesterol, without APOE, to purified retinal nerve cells.
Lichtenstein said patients with moderately high cholesterol should cut out stick margarine.
Ounce for ounce, shrimp have about double the cholesterol of beef.
Lunastatin[TM] also increased expression of the LDL-R receptor gene by 60 percent; LDL receptors remove low-density lipoprotein (bad) cholesterol from the bloodstream.
Statins lower cholesterol by binding to and inhibiting the activity of an enzyme involved in its synthesis, but researchers remain unsure of how statins may thwart Alzheimer's disease.
Not all runners can maintain a healthy cholesterol profile with just diet and exercise.
A new study released Thursday found that oxidized cholesterol - which is produced when cholesterol is heated - is more damaging to the arteries than unheated cholesterol.