cholera morbus

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severe gastroenteritis of unknown etiology

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"Prudence dictates that we take all necessary means to prevent, to the extent that it is possible, the invasion of Haiti by cholera morbus, which has already traversed Europe and penetrated the United States.
Board of Health, "Memorial of the Board of Health of the City of New York," included in Congress, House, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Report on Cholera Morbus, 22nd Cong., 1st sess., 20 January 1832, 34-35.
When cholera morbus arrived in East London in 1832, the local townships had little in the way of public health infrastructure to help combat an epidemic.
Some radicals concentrated on the cholera as a red herring designed to get the attention of the public off reform: "They tell such tales our hearts to fear/Of Cholera raging here and there,/But bread, pudding, and good cheer,/ Will drive the Cholera Morbus...// But Reformers will not be deceived,/For by them it is all agreed/That one and all we shall be freed,/In spite of the Cholera Morbus" ("A New Song ...").