common bile duct

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a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts

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Ultrasound of the abdomen showed ductus choledochus of hyperechoic wall and enlarged spleen, along with pre-existing aerobilia of the bile ducts.
A rare case of ascariasis in the gallbladder, choledochus and pancreatic duct.
We also propose that the conditions grouped under the Todani classification be called 'cystic lesions of the biliary tree' instead of 'choledochal cysts', as some cysts do not involve the choledochus.
This may be a gallbladder of a ductus choledochus as in rodents (Chiasson 1980).
Of the 19 patients, 6 underwent local surgical ampullectomy with reinsertion of ductus choledochus and ductus Wirsung for benign or early cancer lesion.
1987) was modified as follows; in mice (n = 5), a laparotomy was performed under ether anesthesia, and the duodenal side of the ductus choledochus was ligated, as described by Appels et al.