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roentgenographic examination of the bile ducts after a contrast medium has been injected

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The patient was admitted to the hospital and he was taken to the operating room where he underwent a laparoscopic cholecystectomy using the standard 4 port technique with intraoperative cholangiogram (Fig 1).
An intra-operative cholangiogram is indispensable for accurate decision-making.
If, however, the aspirated fluid is darker in color or if there is any ongoing question regarding the diagnosis, then an intraoperative cholangiogram should follow.
3) Although ERCP can provide detailed images of the biliary system, the quality of the cholangiograms is very similar to high-quality MRCP and THC.
And I always obtain an intraoperative cholangiogram if I'm unable to clearly delineate the anatomy.
A Ttube cholangiogram performed 2 weeks after the procedure showed no common bile duct obstruction or stricture, and the T-tube was removed.
Early on in the procedure, if there is any doubt as to the identification of the biliary structures, the surgeon may perform an intraoperative cholangiogram.
Experienced surgeons perform this procedure, including an intraoperative cholangiogram, in about 96 minutes.
Taut product lines also include a range of specialty offerings for surgeons including cholangiogram catheters and related products, a common bile duct exploration kit, insufflation needles and latex-free wound drainage solutions.
6) If a diagnosis has not been established pre-operatively, then an operative cholangiogram should be performed via a catheter in the gallbladder.
No cholangiogram was indicated given the recent papillotomy and he was discharged within 24hours without event.
She underwent a percutaneous cholangiogram and replacement of the biliary drain.
Benign lesions affecting the bile ducts in the postmortem cholangiogram.