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Synonyms for choky

British slang (dated) for a prison


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so tight as to tend to choke

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Fresh out of choky, Kurt Russell hooks up with Kevin Costner to rob a casino during Elvis Presley lookalike week.
I'd get a whiff of something outdoors and feel choky. We inquired about any emotional stress.
In For Whom the Bell Tolls, upon having lusting thoughts of Maria, Robert Jordan notices that "his throat was choky" (44).
According to details, the nine member team of ET monitored ETO Sarfaraz Aalam Khan conducted general hold up against token tax defaulters and checked the vehicles in area of Locoshed choky, Ganj Mandi police station and Nasir Abad police station and sealed 45 vehicles and challaned 35.
The "choky little engine with its three black cars" framed a story about his desire to overcome the social distance between the minister and the majority of other African Americans (11).
Ten years later, he's being sent back to choky in ITV's The Bill.
But he didn't check, and didn't care who it was using the mother tongue he never knew, never learned, the choky words sounding to Jacky like a song that drifted with the food smells around the room.
A 'CHOKY throat' moment when the Lions jerseys were given out helped Josh Lewsey book his Test place.
Or is she waiting to get the other one done in celebration of Jeffrey's early release from the choky and of course, triumphant return to his cosy billet in the House of Lords?
When Krebs apologizes for saying he does not love her, she responds with a choky "all right" (IOT 76); although she says she believes him, her "all right" indicates a willingness to allow the fiction that she believes him rather than expresses true belief.
Sean Hyland, meanwhile, has fun as the irrepressible Toad, a green-faced Larry Olivier bemoaning his lot in woeful tones when he finds himself in choky for various motoring offences, while the weasels are making merry up at Toad Hall.