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Synonyms for choking

a condition caused by blocking the airways to the lungs (as with food or swelling of the larynx)

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the act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe

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Law firms have known for a long time how much in-house counsel resent the prevalent talent recruitment and development model, a model that results in law firms building large entry classes and paying freshly minted associates chokingly high salaries to perform the most rudimentary of tasks.
Travels in the Scriptorium is part dystopian myth and part literary seance; allusions intersect with allusions, identities are fluid, the past is folded almost chokingly tight into the present, shadows of the truth have shadows.
In 1994 bin Laden's big concern was that his birthplace, Saudi Arabia, wasn't chokingly religious enough for his liking.
To judge by the postings on the film's website, many from men with their own heartbreaking story, Proulx's chokingly sad tale seems to have suffered no loss in its power to move us at the hands of either the screenwriters or the director.
One jaunty fellow wears a straw Panama hat, a flowered Hawaiian shirt, and smokes a chokingly fragrant cigar.
It is not space they are after; they want to stand shoulder to shoulder with their compatriots in a chokingly familiar place.
Stone-faced over a concrete structure, the Booth and Lederboer building was a chokingly buttoned-up, po-faced compromise between neo-Georgian and Modernism (AR November 1957).
Cardiff council worker David Thomas, 57, of Roath, Cardiff, described the smell as chokingly bad: 'I was on my lunchbreak yesterday and people in the Mermaid Quay area were gagging.
A woman behind me was outraged through the first half hour of the liturgy, chokingly confiding to her husband her disapproval of the inappropriate atmosphere of festival upon this sacred feast.
Both chokingly emotional, but for vastly different reasons.