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Synonyms for choking

a condition caused by blocking the airways to the lungs (as with food or swelling of the larynx)

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the act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe

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He said that statistics in Europe showed there were 2,000 "near misses" every year when children were saved from choking to death.
A new law aimed at preventing small children from choking on toys or toy parts took effect January 1.
When cold, the 044C is choked as usual, but once warmed, it can sit for two hours and still start reliably without further choking.
Blumenthal's actions to be irresponsible in light of Nestle Magic's safety record and that the CPSC has declared that ``the toys do not pose a choking hazard.
For choking waterfowl shotguns, the basic program of turkey hunters and ultra-tight chokes goes out the door--duck and goose hunters need a more open pattern.
In recent years, news media reports have described numerous deaths among youths attributed to the choking game.
A BRAIN damaged man needing 24 hour care died after choking on food after he was left on his own by a carer, an inquest heard.
Though it was introduced into this country centuries ago as an ornamental vegetation, it has become a pest, soaking up water like a sponge and choking other vegetation out as it grows.
Choking is often confused with a heart attack by non-medically qualified people because individuals get very distressed and may start to turn blue and grasp at their throat or chest.
Regulations designed to help prevent children from getting objects small enough to causing choking have been effective, but they don't lessen the need for parental vigilance.
Parents also need to watch for toys that pose choking, toxicity and strangulation hazards, experts warned.
Food and nonfood substances can present a choking hazard for children, particularly younger children (1,2).
Whatever merit there may be to the contention that choking is presumptively unreasonable, the point is irrelevant in light of the fact that Holman wasn't choked.
Preparing your home for an active toddler can safeguard against poisonings, drownings, choking and big falls.
WASHINGTON - A Utah maker of baby-soother toys is recalling about 8,800 of them because some parts can pop off, posing a choking hazard.