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Synonyms for chokey

British slang (dated) for a prison


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'Along they managed A term in the chokey hasn't done too much harm to M'Lords Archer and Watson, has it?
TYC General Secretary, Tenzin Chokey, said they have decided not to celebrate the Tibetan New Year in 2012 as a mark of honour to those who had sacrificed their lives for their country
And now the blood of the earth is spilling into the ocean, making it chokey for the fish and birds who live there.
The reception was held on the lawn of the villa where the guests were entertained Dy The Chokey Taylor Band.
He hasn't yet been accused of savagely putting other riders over the rails and he hasn't been sentenced to three years in chokey for tax evasion, but the other day he was asked what he thought about the idea of having the London Philharmonic playing the William Tell Overture during a race at Kempton Park and he said he thought it was "stupid" (even though he won).
I dare say I'll be denied my moment in the Hague (or the chokey) and in the end that they'll just let us in.
In the last three years, Mugabe has closed three newspapers and thrown 70 Zimbabwean journalists into chokey. Last May, two British-based sportswriters from The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph were deported when they arrived to cover the tour by Sri Lanka.
And he stunned police by opting for some time in chokey. "He said he couldn't stand the constant bickering at home with his wife," a police spokesman said.
Or,perhaps not,as a jury might say,handing down a guilty verdict and a spell in chokey.
Certainly, in Decline and Fall, the black man, Sebastien "Chokey" Cholmondley, is undoubtedly American.
"Chokey" Robinson earned his nickname after driving an army truck from Norton to Hartley camp near Whitley Bay with its choke half out!
Set in 1950s small-town America, the action opens behind bars, where leatherclad "roustabout" Chad (Ben Lewis) is serving a spell in chokey for "exciting" the local womenfolk.
I'M wondering if Ladbrokes is taking bets as to how long Chris Huhne's mistress, Carina Trimingham, will stick by him once he's in chokey.