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Synonyms for choker

someone who kills by strangling

an unfortunate person who is unable to perform effectively because of nervous tension or agitation

necklace that fits tightly around a woman's neck

a high tight collar

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In 2018, the former PML-N government had assured flour mill owners that there would be no duties imposed on choker wheat.
The large disk on Bulk Elk Walking's choker also may be of German silver.
The Duchess of Cornwall also owns a three-strand pearl choker with an aquamarine clash which many believe was inspired by Princess Diana's emerald choker.
Later on, she converted it into the clasp of a seven-strand pearl choker, which she wore to spectacular effect.
Miles Taylor returned to Jackson Academy after spring break, and within a week Brown Water Designs had orders for 10 chokers. Ten turned into 50, and within weeks the company's orders had increased to hundreds.
You've essentially got two choices here: go retro with a black velvet ribbon embellished with diamante detailing, or pair a wide fabric choker with a tube top for a Kendall and Gigi at Balmain homage.
Designers across the globe are trying to bring back the charm of choker neckpieces, and are positioning it as a "must-have accessory" this season.
Spotted alongside was the sizzling Kangna Ranaut who grabbed all the attention for her skimpy lehenga rather than her pearl choker and elaborate tikka .
THRILL OF THE CHASE Fences were back on the agenda at Leicester after a hiatus of nearly eight months and Joker Choker did not put a foot wrong in the first of three races over the pristine obstacles when running out an eight-length winner.
Knock-off kids' toys can prove a real choker at this time of year - just like Kat's confession of infidelity to Alfie.
And Van Zyl bravely revealed that there maybe something in the 'choker' tag thrown at South Africa after every surprise World Cup defeat.
Her shyness leads to public awkwardness--such as the humiliating lunchroom incident that earns her the nickname "choker." But the real barrier to her inclusion in school life is a duo of mean girls, Alexis and Sydney, who target Cara with continuous mockery.
CURTAIN CALL COSTUMES CR-J2254 Puttin' On The Ritz CR-W8006 Rhinestone Choker CR-W1212 Rhinestone Bracelet CR-W36 Black Gloves 8594 Top Hat (By ART STONE/THE COMPETITOR)
It was obviously fantastic to get our first three points on the road this season, especially with two late goals, but it was a real choker to lose Jimmy Bullard in the first half to a horrific injury.
Projects include a five-row floating bead necklace; pearl and crystal drop earrings; a choker with silver spacers; a mother of pearl and pleated ribbon choker: a bugle bead bracelet with crystal drops; a rocaille round bracelet, and many more gorgeous items.