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Synonyms for choker

someone who kills by strangling

an unfortunate person who is unable to perform effectively because of nervous tension or agitation

necklace that fits tightly around a woman's neck

a high tight collar

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Every smartarse in the world who knows his 6-4 from his 11-8 loves to use the choker label when someone bows (mostly quite understandably) to pressure when an event reaches its conclusion.
White jacket with satin trim, pounds 70, and matching trousers, pounds 40, Wallis; feather bag, pounds 18, Wallis; black sandals, pounds 20, by Florence + Fred at Tesco; black choker, pounds 45, Mikey
OFFER B: 16in choker length necklace pounds 10 Offer C: 20in necklace pounds 15
Wire choker, from pounds 30, Mikey (0171 287 1232).
It must be acknowledged that this particular little corner of Fleet Street is guilty of promoting the choker tag having used it liberally a good few years ago when under different management.
DUBLIN retain the tag of chokers, says David Hickey, but in a rather different context.
Halle Berry, looking fabulous in a short black Armani cocktail dress and a breathtaking Harry Winston diamond choker, took home a Crystal Award given by surprise guest Warren Beatty.
4 Naf Naf frill detail tube dress, pounds 55, John Lewis; choker, pounds 18, scarf, pounds 18, bag, pounds 30, all Warehouse; bracelet, pounds 20, M&S; bracelet round pony tail, pounds 14.
99, River Island; pearl choker, pounds 12, pearl cuff, pounds 15, both M&S; pink beaded evening bag, pounds 15, Top Shop; fairy wings throughout, pounds 5, Top Shop
success that maybe his talent warrants, granted, but to label him a choker is being too harsh.
Stone linen shorts, pounds 20, Oasis, cream top with brown leather trim, pounds 18, feather choker, pounds 6, both Top Shop; brown suede thick fringed belt, pounds 20, Oasis
a choker like the one Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Oscars and have my hair up .
South Africa on the verge of surviving the first round, against all odds, along with Spain, heretofore known as the globe's biggest World Cup choker.
Jeans, Zana DI, Faux snakeskin choker, Kemestry, $45.