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a common wild cherry of eastern North America having small bitter black berries favored by birds

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And with the chokecherry tree that scars her back and memory, her feminine potential has been violently abbreviated.
For example, in Toni Morrison's Beloved, we can "read" Sethe's story through the indelible mark of the chokecherry tree lashed into her back; also, in Morrison's Song of Solomon, Pilate, who has no navel, places in doubt the very fact of her matrilineal ancestry.
It is Amy, Sethe's white savior, whose creative vision transforms the slave woman's lacerated back into the trunk, branches, and blossoms of a chokecherry tree. Her description is first briefly reported by Sethe to Paul D:" `That's what she called it....
The chokecherry trees are in full blossom now, and their sweetness fills my head and heart.
A grant from the Arbor Day Foundation paid for ten chokecherry trees that volunteers planted.
Native Americans used tea made from the root of chokecherry trees as a nerve tonic and sedative.
Chokecherry trees are an excellent choice for conservation-minded landowners.
Chokecherry trees, wild plum bushes, medicine herbs, wild berries, vegetables and roots are encroached upon by the development, farming and ranching that overrode wild prairie.
A short distance away, the ravines become a sea of white when the saskatoon bushes and chokecherry trees are awash with blossoms.
We had to cut down all our chokecherry trees and pulled up the pokeweed.
He didn't know if it was bad whiskey, nights in the cellar, pig fever, iron bits, smiling roosters, fired feet, laughing dead men, hissing grass, rain, apple blossoms, neck jewelry, Judy in the slaughterhouse, Halle in the butter, ghost-white stairs, chokecherry trees, cameo pins, aspens, Paul A's face, sausage or the loss of a red, red heart.