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a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel

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a point of congestion or blockage

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NCUA Public Affairs Specialist John Fairbanks has said the NCUA is not involved in Operation Choke Point.
Department of Justice established Operation Choke Point to reduce fraud and reputational risk to financial institutions by pressuring them to refuse business from risky sectors.
Rauch said Heritage has not been asked by regulators to close accounts as part of Operation Choke Point.
In fact, the FDIC has been intimately involved in Operation Choke Point since its inception"
Operation Choke Point aims to reduce illegal transactions by targeting banks as the gateway to the payment system, opening banks and their risk management processes up to intense scrutiny.
TRANSACT 14 is your advanced access point to the tools to avoid becoming the next target of Operation Choke Point, including the new 100+ page ETA Guidelines on Merchant and ISO Underwriting and Risk Monitoring.
The new Chicago Strike Force, comprised of federal, state and local law enforcement is pushing hard against Guzman and the violent gang and drug-related crime in Chicago by implementing a strategy of focusing on the choke point where drug cartel and gang members interact to exchange drugs and money," Riley said.
5 billion, will expand roadway lanes between interchanges 6A and 8A, a major traffic choke point on the turnpike.
The region that is confronting the energy water choke point first and most dramatically is the Southwest.
Earlier this summer, TopEyeView flew above the finish line of the 39th Annual Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia to help the Atlanta Police Department more cost-effectively monitor the largest choke point of the race -- in and around the finish line.
Netopia Parental Controls Provides Single Choke Point for Parents to Block Inappropriate Websites and Decide When and Who Their Children Chat with Online
It handles common prison complexities such as a multi-floor, mixed indoor/outdoor environment, as well as the need for cell-level accuracy (using AeroScout's compact Exciter choke point device.
In a grid/cluster, it is critical that the network fabric, which interconnects all the computing and storage resources, is not the choke point.
You can distribute the intelligent switching into the air where it belongs, and eliminate any choke point or single point of failure.