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sanctions that go into effect in November and that, among other things, seek to choke off Iran's oil sales, diplomats said.
Campaigners say that a Liverpool high-speed line is necessary not to choke off prospects for the expanding Port of Liverpool.
But he said that the Bank would need to make sure that any action it took did not "choke off" energy and enthusiasm in the market.
Liberating Yabroud would help the government choke off the militants' cross-border supply line.
Low inflation in recent months has raised concerns of deflation, a sustained drop in prices that can choke off growth.
Mark Carney said that the central bank could provide more stimuli for Britain's economy if financial markets get ahead of themselves and threaten to choke off recovery.
The statement came a day after Egypt's military-backed government tightened its crackdown on the Brotherhood, ordering the arrest of its spiritual leader in a bid to choke off the group's campaign to reinstate Mr Morsi, now held at an undisclosed Defence Ministry facility.
Refiners want to continue using the Iranian crude many of their plants are configured to process, as changes will need lengthy testing of new grades or cause an alteration in output.Iran is planning to find buyers for its crude, with top Asian consumers cutting purchases as Western sanction choke off trade with OPEC's second-largest producer.
In the mean time, the Local Government Association argued planned new rules on procurement from the EU could choke off opportunities for taxpayers to witness efficiency savings in councils across the UK.
The US and Europe have levied tough sanctions on Iran in a bid to choke off oil revenues and halt a controversial nuclear programme the West fears is aimed at developing atomic weapons, which Iran has denied.
CINCINNATI (AP) -- Leaders of an Ohio college are worried about a highway project that could choke off easy access to the campus for many students.
UK Minister for Immigration Damian Green is being pressed not to choke off legitimate income from overseas students for Welsh universities.
Spearheaded by the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Home Office, British Metals Recycling Association, British Transport Police, and Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland Police, it is designed to "choke off the market" for the increasing number of metal thieves who cause disruption and misery.
BRUSSELS: EU states agreed on Thursday to further extend sanctions on Syria but stopped short of targeting the oil industry and banks, which dissidents say would be the only way to choke off funds fuelling repression in the country.
Governor Sir Mervyn King told MPs the economy was too weak to withstand a hike in interest rates, which has historically been used to choke off spiralling prices.