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a school that is part of a cathedral or monastery where boys with singing ability can receive a general education

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We wanted to make this opportunity available to both," said Greg Glenn, director of liturgy and music for the cathedral, and pastoral administrator for the Madeleine Choir School.
About 350 pre-K through eighth-grade students currently attend Madeleine Choir School, which opened in 1996.
Dumont's work (translated and revised by Susan Boynton from an earlier publication) focuses on the social background of the boys, their recruitment, admission to school, a typical school day, and careers beyond choir school: also included are similar data regarding the recruitment of vicaires, their salaries and remuneration, lodging, clothing, discipline and how entry into a choir school such as that at Cambrai offered the possibility of career advancement to those boys from the less privileged classes.
Schools Minister Lord Adonis defended England's historic cathedral choir schools against charges of "elitism" as he unveiled details of the plan.
Three choir schools - Truro, Ely and Hereford - will share pounds 100,000 in the first wave of the initiative, part of the Government's campaign to promote singing.
This project came to fruition on Sunday, October 11, when the Cathedral Choir School, St Edward's College, West Derby, celebrated its annual Mass in the Cathedral.
The concert will aim to highlight the work of choir schools in promoting singing in cathedrals, choir schools and thewider community.
The trio were chosen in July, beating students from 50 of England's top choir schools.
Some schools cater particularly for those children who have special educational needs and some, such as choir schools, have other specialist provision.
The concert aimed to highlight the work of choir schools in promoting singing in Cathedrals and, by involving some of Liverpool's primary schools, the wider community.
We think this group will have a huge impact on people's perceptions of choristers and choir schools.
Awards to enable choristers to enter cathedral or collegiate choir schools.
Cathedrals need help in keeping their choral services going while their own choir schools are on holiday.
Don't forget, unlike many choir schools or collegiatechoirs, we don't get the boys first thing in the morning.