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a gallery in a church occupied by the choir

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The San Agustin Church choir loft is Escuela's most challenging project so far,' reported Eric Caruncho in the Lifestyle report published last May 7.
When I was a child, I sat in the choir loft in the grand German synagogue in Baltimore, Maryland, where my grandfather was the cantor, and my father, a composer, conducted the choir.
In the choir loft, Fats Waller's ghost grins and leans on the
In Tomar, Convento de Cristo headquarters of the Knights Templar of Portugal, a window over the choir loft must surely be the most elaborate window dressing anywhere in the world.
The choir loft and the baptismal were filled with hundreds of jewel-toned florals and seven candelabra.
In 1896, an organ and choir loft was fashioned by piercing one of the octagon walls.
Way up high the boys sang in the stone carved choir loft, in belled niches for four, and Juliet balconies for two, lost boy tones echoing in the gothic empyrean and slithering down stone vine pillars.
Its remote, concealed position in the choir loft behind the stage did not seem to affect the EO Chorus at all.
Brubaker-Garrison had joined the choir, and was sitting in the choir loft one day when she gazed down at the male priest, Father Michael, leading the congregation in Holy Communion.
It might mean touching the choir loft or moving the pulpit.
However, the cheering audience members in the choir loft appeared too obvious with their forced gestures and expressions; although the "wave" was a nice touch.
RENSSELAER, NY--On May 13th, Mother's Day, internationally famed concert artist, Hector Olivera, from Argentina thrilled an audience of more than 350 at a dedicatory recital to celebrate the newly rebuilt digital console of the magnificent twenty-ton pipe organ in the choir loft at historic St.
They had a very large pipe organ and a central choir loft above and behind the pulpit.
The former choir loft was incorporated into the mezzanine floor plan, which resulted in a dramatic display area on the third floor.
A block away is the Loretto Chapel, which is no longer an active church but attracts visitors because of its mystifying spiral staircase to the choir loft.