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Synonyms for choice

Synonyms for choice

the act of choosing

the power or right of choosing

one that is selected

the superlative or most preferable part of something


of fine quality

appealing to refined taste

singled out in preference

Synonyms for choice

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Throughout the Bible we find that the Israelites were deeply involved with sacrifices, for example: Saul answered, 'They were brought from the Amalekites, for the troops spared the choicest of the sheep and oxen for sacrificing to the Lord your God.
The importance of Korean food for good health was also emphasized at the festival through some of the choicest dishes offered by two chefs who were flown in for the event.
My grade school textbooks justified God's reaction by describing Abel's gift as the choicest animals from his flock and Cain's as inferior produce from his fields, an explanation absent from the biblical text.
After receiving a standing ovation, legendary poet Anwar Masood recited his choicest humorous creations amid resounding
A five-star rating system identifies the choicest plants.
Their early stuff is amazing and the reissue of the Best of Battalion of Saints on Mystic has some of the choicest cuts from that era.
Predictably, the renderings are conceived from the choicest and most viable angles -- but on the ground, such vantage points are hard to come by.
This new range of Montega watches uses the choicest diamonds and they come in either automatic or mechanical movement.
She skipped lightly over the Handelian rhythms and gave a delightful performance in the delicate air "O liberty, thy choicest treasure", accompanied by just harpsichord and cello - a nice contrast to the rather contrabass-heavy scorings used almost everywhere else.
I've been chucking my choicest adjectives at football and all its excesses for more years than I care to remember.
There is simply no need or reason to limit the choicest work to the 16 percent of our state's construction workers who belong to unions or can be qualified to work under the strictures of a PLA.
He is frighteningly funny as the disgusting Grossman, providing one of the choicest cameos you'll ever see.
Really, though, it's not depressing but totally amazing, because there are people spending all of their time going through those records and getting the choicest tracks on them heard.
The wine showcases the choicest fruit from Hall's best estate vineyard blocks, according to the winemaker.
But the choicest moment was when we were hosted at a swish restaurant and were offered a starter of canaries