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the manner in which something is expressed in words

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According to a new Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat MEaA-nchen-study, the choice of word used in media reports of suicides has a measurable impact on how readers subsequently perceive and evaluate the act of suicide.
I sincerely apologise for causing offence and my choice of words MARLENE KAIROUZ australian minister
Cure and therapy may not the right choice of words, as they suggest there is something abnormal about being gay in the first place.
Somewhere in that choice of words we need to find another description of his actions.
Many online slammed the company on its choice of words as memories of the deadly 2013 marathon bombing remain fresh in people's minds.
DRUID Geraint Lloyd Owen's choice of words was unfortunate.
Former Commission on Elections commissioner Mehol Sadain said Roxas' choice of words in referring to a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) was disparaging to the rest of the Philippine Muslims.
Yesterday I've made my apology and gave an explanation on snapchat on the point that I tried to make the other night when I picked the wrong choice of words," he said.
Spare a thought for desperate people David Cameron was criticised for referring to the 'swarm 'of immigrants, just an unfortunate choice of words on his part.
The post Eurogroup offers leaders choice of words on Grexit appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The RCMP apologizes to anyone who may have been offended by this unfortunate choice of words to describe the Idle No More movement," she said.
The engineer who told residents in High River that the Hampton Hills community was sacrificed to minimize flooding in the rest of the town used an unfortunate choice of words, Rick Fraser, Alberta's associate minister in charge of rebuilding efforts, says in reaction to video obtained by CBC News.
Spine-tingling" news, as the Richard Third Society put it: a rather unfortunate choice of words, given the slain monarch's scoliosis; but nonetheless an accurate summation.
Before Flacco made his apology, Twitter users ripped into the Ravens quarterback for his poor choice of words.
Just hours after the mobile phone footage appeared on YouTube, Niall said he was sorry if he had offended anyone but insisted his choice of words was just banter among friends.