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the manner in which something is expressed in words

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Monarch admitted that the captain's choice of words was "inappropriate".
People have reacted negatively to Bieber's choice of words, with Facebook user Tania Saez writing, "Anne Frank a belieber?
And most recently, my choice of words was not only offensive, it does not reflect my true heart.
The lyricist, who took home the National Award for best lyrics for Tre Zameen Par in 2008, remembers how many commented on his unusual choice of words.
Spine-tingling" news, as the Richard Third Society put it: a rather unfortunate choice of words, given the slain monarch's scoliosis; but nonetheless an accurate summation.
Before Flacco made his apology, Twitter users ripped into the Ravens quarterback for his poor choice of words.
Just hours after the mobile phone footage appeared on YouTube, Niall said he was sorry if he had offended anyone but insisted his choice of words was just banter among friends.
You get used to working in film, where language is spare and often not well written and suddenly you get back to this language, his use of rhythm, the choice of words, the way he changes from one thought to another on a sixpence, which is glorious.
of Albany, SUNY) makes the case that the teacher's choice of words can create one or the other and that this happens in other areas beyond academic subjects.
The rhetorician Quintillian said of his odes: "He can be lofty sometimes, yet he is also full of charm and grace, versatile in his figures and felicitiously daring in his choice of words.
In his choice of words, the player may have been naive; still, it was only when the game in question was over did the Man U player's hurt feelings so overwhelm him as to want to report the Liverpool player.
And the point that Chris was making, whether you like the choice of words or not, was a very simple one - which is, in a coalition government compromise is the glue that holds the government together.
Sarah Palin's choice of words about a map of the country her political action committee used last year.
Their analysis of the rhetoric and writings of Barack Obama pairs the speeches themselves with analysis of the politics at their time and offer first-hand accounts from Obama's speech writers to consider his choice of words and their impact.
While it's clear Alex Cunningham does not condone violence, his Twitter comments which praised students for getting "stuck in" during recent student protests was clearly a crass choice of words.