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Synonyms for choice

Synonyms for choice

the act of choosing

the power or right of choosing

one that is selected

the superlative or most preferable part of something


of fine quality

appealing to refined taste

singled out in preference

Synonyms for choice

References in classic literature ?
You must think of Henry, for it was his choice in the first place.
And as for this necklace, I do not suppose I have worn it six times: it is very pretty, but I never think of it; and though you would be most heartily welcome to any other in my trinket-box, you have happened to fix on the very one which, if I have a choice, I would rather part with and see in your possession than any other.
we should then consider of two qualities, which of them the generality possess in a greater degree, which in a less; for which reason in the choice of a general we should regard his courage more than his virtue as the more uncommon quality; as there are fewer capable of conducting an army than there are good men: but, to protect the state or manage the finances, the contrary rule should be followed; for these require greater virtue than the generality are possessed of, but only that knowledge which is common to all.
That is your own choice," she said, coming a little nearer to him.
Well, on second thoughts, you may take your choice.
In Ionia and the islands the epic poets followed the Homeric tradition, singing of romantic subjects in the now stereotyped heroic style, and showing originality only in their choice of legends hitherto neglected or summarily and imperfectly treated.
For we have seen and know that this is the best choice both in life and after death.
And when he had spoken, he who had the first choice came forward and in a moment chose the greatest tyranny; his mind having been darkened by folly and sensuality, he had not thought out the whole matter before he chose, and did not at first sight perceive that he was fated, among other evils, to devour his own children.
You can't understand it; for you men, who are free and make your own choice, it's always clear whom you love.
She is expected to make her choice, and yet she cannot choose, she can only answer 'yes' or
and perhaps there are a great many why you should--at least there would be nothing strange in your wanting to be my friend, if you were a choice spirit, but then you know you're not a choice spirit.
Choice spirits,' added Dick, smiting himself on the breast,
Today, the Raisins are back and they are encouraging adults--primarily moms--to make Wise Choices in the California Raisin Marketing Board's latest marketing program that launched last month.
Likewise, other authors have promoted the rehabilitation counselor's role in delivering empowerment and choice making opportunities (Batavia, 2002; Batorski & McAlpin, 1992; Bolton, 1997; Curl & Sheldon, 1992; Emener, 1991; Schriner, 1995).