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17 ( ANI ): Many women would know the intense feeling of craving chocolaty gooiness during those monthly days when the disaster of nature strikes.
The maraschino cherries, nuts and chocolate chips give these brownies fruity, nutty and chocolaty flavors all in one bite.
Look for 32 to 45 percent cocoa for a more chocolaty flavor.
In fact, her entire repertoire was performed with a radiance and evident enjoyment, her singing voice chocolaty smooth and sweetly melodic - vocally reminiscent at times of Welsh songstress Mary Hopkin.
SUE NICHOLLS, FARM SHOP ASSISTANT It has to be chocolate for me, as chocolaty as possible.
The cookies have a surprisingly strong chocolaty smell.
It's a full bodied and rewarding shiraz with layers of flavour and classic chocolaty tones.
D-00-ZR retains the great chocolaty taste of deZaan[TM] ZR cocoa powders but with virtually no fat content.
At the Great British Beer Festival this year, there were beers that ranged from rich and chocolaty stouts to light and citrusy golden ales perfect for summer sipping.
The beer was brewed under the supervision of Brewmaster Sean Larkin, and is said to deliver "a chocolaty raisin and plum flavor balanced with subtle hints of black currant and spice from the Northern Brewers hops.
Mocha Corto - Two Corto espresso shots extracted for five seconds and then topped with smooth textured hot chocolate for a quick sweet chocolaty pick me up or a shorter chocolate based coffee.
The nibs create complex aromas and flavors from chocolaty to fruity, nutty, earthy, and citrusy.
We visit the secret, chocolaty land of the Freyans and their golden unicorn (page 10), find ourselves enchanted by sugary worlds (page 14) and glorious festive feasts (page 38)--and learn the most important lessons of all from two courageous men, whose spirits stand out from the rest.
And of the content of prepared foods such as takeaways, ready meals, crisps, cakes, biscuits and chocolaty products - they commonly bear red or amber warnings.
Her sweet collection includes delectable nibbles like her mini Mexican Chocolate Chip cookies, which are soft, chocolaty and delicious, and even have a hint of cinnamon.