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Synonyms for confectionery

candy and other sweets considered collectively

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a confectioner's shop

the occupation and skills of a confectioner

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Maitre Chocolatier is a one-stop shop for chocolate lovers," says Edna Wong-Tan with a sweet smile.
Heramb Chocolate Factory, also known as a marketer, a chocolatier, an entrepreneur and an epicurean that connects luxury home grown chocolate products with cocoa harvesting- it is one of the world's best chocolate makers to really grow cocoa beans, on our delectable plantation in Ghana.
Her silver award means that 'Joulietta Chocolatier and Patissiers' Fig and Ouzo hand crafted chocolate will now automatically go through to the World Chocolate Awards, due to take place in London later this month.
Chocolatier Tony Davis has opened a new shop in Coventry
Target: Godiva Chocolatier, United Biscuits, Ulker and DeMet's Candy Co
The Highland Chocolatier stock a range of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry chocolate buttons.
A chocolatier of 35 years, David launched Coeur de Xocolat (Heart of Chocolate) in March 2015, selling 4,000 bars and 4,000 jams at food festivals.
uk | Chocolate Fusion - sample some of the handmade goodies from the Ceredigion chocolatier before signing up for a chocolate making class.
Iain Burnett, Highland Chocolatier at Grandtully, Highland Perthshire introduce the Velvet Truffle range of pure naked truffles with no hard chocolate shell.
Chocolatier Kelsey Anderson, 24, is the latest addition to Yarm Farmers' Market, held on Sunday.
EIGHT jobs have been saved and eight lost at an independent Tyneside chocolatier following an unsuccessful expansion move.
I loved to work in a kitchen but never [dreamt] I would become a chef or chocolatier in the future," Ingrid says.
London, June 21 ( ANI ): An Indian chocolatier, based in London, has brought out chocolates that can contain as little as 20 calories a bar.
Chocolate Works, the upscale Upper West Side chocolatier, has selected Sabre Real Estate Group LLC, as its exclusive broker for franchised expansion throughout the metropolitan area.
On November 20, chocolatier Jane Williams of Davenports Chocolates will host a tasting event at Whitley Bay Library, in Park Road, Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, from 7pm.