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having the color of dark chocolate

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If there was a ``Best Effort'' award, it was clearly earned by Labrador/Irish wolfhound mix Dutchess, a chocolate-colored dog owned by Stefanie Singer.
The willowy, 5-foot-8 sultry actress, whose sculpted face is accented by chocolate-colored doe-eyes, garnered national and international recognition in 2002 in her role as Clara, the Jamaican daughter of a fanatical Jehovah's Witness mother, in the miniseries White Teeth.
According to an Associated Press report, a mill in Edinburgh, Indiana, is now treating some of the chocolate-colored wood from a large oak tree dug up last summer in a gravel pit that could be 6,000 years old or more.
The walls are chocolate-colored, while the floors are wooden.
In May 2000, all 14,000 pounds of beautiful, chocolate-colored bones are finally assembled on a custom iron frame, now on display at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History.
By 2, a thick mop of chocolate-colored coils clustered around my little head.
Black and white, rich and poor, octoroons and chocolate-colored bondsmen, clergy and professionals, reprobates and aristocrats - all flocked, at the height of her fame and power, to Marie Laveau's ceremonies.
Both the Virginia big-ear bat, a five-inch-long, chocolate-colored creature with mule-like ears, and the flat-faced, three-inch-long Indiana bat are currently listed as federally endangered.
Gently pour a bit of cream into the hot coffee and watch closely as the white streams disappear into the depths, then reemerge as chocolate-colored clouds that blossom toward the surface.
Each cup of Chantico(TM) drinking chocolate is handcrafted by a Starbucks Barista and served in a specially-designed, six-fluid ounce ceramic mug or in a chocolate-colored, six-fluid ounce paper cup for those on the go for $2.
Divatex Home Fashions Velvets line of quilts and duvets in cotton and rayon, which include a chocolate-colored cotton version that has an ivory-stitched, paisley-quilted pattern.
Stuckey planted two 1-gallon Angelonias, two 1-gallon Persian shields, and three 4-inch lisianthus in a chocolate-colored glazed pot 19 inches across and 19 inches deep.
Whitney, which is flanked to the west by its namesake mountain peak and the chocolate-colored Alabama Hills.
Large gas and steam bubbles burst at the surface with chocolate-colored water and, best of all, steaming lava balls too hot to hold in bare hands,' Craig said in a report radioed to his home base at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif.
The restaurant features a bar and communal table at the entrance, with chocolate-colored walls and ebony-stained wood floors.