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Synonyms for chocolate-colored

having the color of dark chocolate

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Each carried a bouquet of hydrangeas, circus roses, and Kermit buttons tied with a chocolate-colored satin ribbon.
Unrelenting rain churned the normally tranquil Willamette River into a chocolate-colored torrent, and hundreds fled their homes across a wide area in Oregon's worst flooding in more than 30 years.
One day last week, Penny, a 4-1/2-year-old chocolate-colored Labrador, searched unsuccessfully for drugs and other contraband at Arthur E.
The rest of the afternoon was devoted to the family's new chocolate-colored Labrador, who was moving into the White House on Saturday after successfully completing an obedience training course.
Our biggest fear is that Captain Bodgit will peak too soon,'' said Barry Irwin, president of the Team Valor syndicate that bought the chocolate-colored colt for $500,000 after he finished third in Gulfstream's Jan.
The smooth-haired puppies that are born snow white (black or chocolate-colored spots emerge within two weeks) sometimes grow up hyperactive, difficult and sickly.
This year, Winston is offering a string of chocolate-colored diamonds to Juliette Binoche, nominated for best actress for her role in ``Chocolat.
The Chocolate Leather model has a more traditional Teva look with a dark brown mid-sole and chocolate-colored sole.
Whiff the chocolate-colored bark of the Jeffrey and see if you can detect a scent of vanilla.
They wore identical gowns of chocolate-colored crystal satin featuring V-necks in the front and back with dramatic bustles at the back.
The restaurant features a bar and communal table at the entrance, with chocolate-colored walls and ebony-stained wood floors.
The contributions funded the purchase of 33,000 chocolate-colored plush bears, which was distributed by Target Store employees to paramedics around the country.
CINCINNATI-Federated Department Stores will launch a new chocolate-colored line from its red-hot Hotel Collection and expand the home program to brand mattresses by Stearns & Foster this fall.
Whitney, which is flanked to the west by its namesake mountain peak and the chocolate-colored Alabama Hills.
Continue north to Warrior Point Park, where you can camp, picnic, or get good views of chocolate-colored Anaho Island.