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Synonyms for chocolate-brown

of a color similar to that of wood or earth

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The sanctuary was beautifully decorated in a wonderland of holiday decor in colors of chocolate-brown and gold.
At each woman's lowest point on the road to recovery, a handsome interloper, usually in the form of a chocolate-brown, sensitive and sensual man, fills the void she's been using weekly shopping sprees to satiate.
The most elegant dabbling duck is the pintail drake with its distinctive 10cm tail, chocolate-brown head, white neck, and silver-grey body and black and yellow undertail patches.
Amid the monotonous chocolate-brown clay, Kyte spied a small speck of pale clay containing an angular rock, 2.
Featuring a contemporary flair, the new interiors of the hotel will be richly decorated with chocolate-brown furniture and accents, new artwork, wall coverings, lighting fixtures, hardware, airwalls and carpet.
We found a beautiful wool coat, which we accessorised with a funky knitted striped scarf and some chocolate-brown suede gloves.
The funds come from the dinner and a huge silent auction that included art, travel, fashion, TV show appearances, celebrity memorabilia and even a chocolate-brown Labrador puppy.
The statesman was forced to slum it in the clapped out K-reg, chocolate-brown hatchback because his personal assistant is away on holiday.
They are very similar but much smarter looking, with chocolate-brown heads and a black spot on each of their cheeks.
Besides providing the requisite chocolate-brown tones, color film also emphasizes the specular highlights and prismatic effects produced when the liquid is photographed - effects that give the final image its tantalizing, faux-finish look.
Ornithologists who had observed the Poo-uli in the past described it as a five-inch-long bird with a chocolate-brown back, a buff-colored belly, a black face mask, and brown legs.
Mudslides and flash floods have turned entire provinces facing the Pacific Ocean into a sea of chocolate-brown mud littered with bodies, uprooted trees, collapsed homes and bridges.
Big, thick, chocolate-brown candles decorated with persimmon-colored ribbon.
Lashings of thick chocolate-brown mascara open up the eyes, while avoiding a pitch-black look, a la Dusty Springfield.
But the mum, 40, says chocolate-brown Rummy is "a little angel" who loves playing with her kids Kayleigh, seven, and 23-month-old David at Bognor Regis, West Sussex.