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creamy chocolate candy


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with a collection of decadent chocolates gifts including a Color My World Heart, chubby Sunshine Heart, award-winning jcoco bars in agave quinoa sesame, noble dark and cayenne veracruz orange flavors, Cocktail Truffles and Total Toffee and Milk Chocolate Truffle Bars (MSRP $73.
This collection provides a sampling of all three delectable sensations including chocolate truffle, dark chocolate coated premium caramel and creamy coconut immersed in dark chocolate.
Chocolate lovers can now satisfy their sweet tooth and help protect the environment, thanks to The Chocolate Truffle Company and their new 48g Chocolate bar containing cocoa sourced from a Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farm.
The range includes Caramel Toffee Crunch, with caramel and malt truffle with toffee pieces and shortcake covered in milk chocolate; Mixed Berry Crunch with berry truffle, fruit pieces and shortcake wrapped in white chocolate; and Cookies & Cream, with vanilla and chocolate truffle and shortcake coated in milk chocolate.
If you want something classic, try the Chocolate Truffle Torte.
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascend into sumptuous chocolate bliss with Heavenly Smooth Organic Chocolate Truffle Bars for a blissfully tasty experience any time of the day and for any occasion
The chocolate truffle pieces retain their softness even at -22[degrees]C.
Desserts ($6) may involve the ubiquitous creme brulee, a creamy cheesecake topped with fruit, a refreshing lemon curd and meringue with fresh berries and perhaps a warm chocolate truffle cake, all promised as house creations.
Gorgeous is an assortment of five individually wrapped milk, dark, white and marbled chocolates in chocolate truffle, hazelnut praline, dark truffle, coffee mocha and crunchy almond varieties.
Gu Cheeky Little Chocolate Puds come in three new flavours, Chocolate & Orange Truffle, Double Chocolate Truffle, and White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Truffle.
Cocopotamus also creates vegan truffles: Ronald Vegan is their 70% dark vegan chocolate truffle, and The Vegan Mary is a vegan dark salted caramel truffle.
The Carbolite product range currently consists of Chocolate Almond Bar, Chocolate Crisp Bar, Milk Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Truffle, with an extension to the range planned for the new year.
Seattle Chocolates responds to growing demand for specialty chocolate with a new dark chocolate truffle bar and distribution in Whole Foods Markets, Powell's Sweet Shoppes and Nugget Markets
Yeo Valley Organic has launched three new luxury organic ice creams: Creme Fraiche with Blackcurrant, Triple Chocolate Truffle and Orange & Chocolate Truffle.
Wrapped in whimsical, brightly colored packaging, Choxie consists of several varieties, including Truffle Meltaways, Chocolate Truffle Bars, Thins, Flakey Truffles, Artisan Truffle Tiles, Truffle Temptations, Bitesize Chocolate Tins, Boxed Chocolates and Peanut Butter Bites.