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creamy chocolate candy


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TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon have selected some of the top chocolate truffles — and the artistry behind them — in North America.
Ellen Picton makes delicious chocolate truffles in her small shop in Milford Haven Marina - and there's hardly any sugar in any of them.
In fact, this recipe is my adaptation of Sally's recipe for chocolate truffles.
Melbourne, Jan 29 ( ANI ): A Japanese cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo is offering its female customers the services of a 3D scanner, by carving their face on chocolate truffles.
Heathcote's Christmas chocolate truffle bars Picture: JAMES MALONEY/ jm021211menu-2
Finally, the piece de resistance EoAC" we had an egg cupful of the ganache from a chocolate truffle (a tennis ball-sized piece goes for Dh1,000).
each treat is individually presented in a twist wrapper and has a silky smooth chocolate truffle centre encased in milk chocolate, like a larger version of the lindor ball.
Funky, cute and sweet - these milk chocolate lovebirds with a foiled chocolate truffle heart are suitable for any age, pounds 6, Thorntons
Everything, starting with the packaging itself, quietly pronounces a Chocolate Truffle Company product to be something special something above the ordinary.
Owner Mustafa Rahman came up with the idea for his tongue-tingling pud when he visited New York's annual Chocolate Show where he saw a chocolate truffle infused with curry spices.
Moose Munch Bar[R]--Our famous Moose Munch dipped in our finest milk or dark chocolate, filled with a rich chocolate truffle center, and shaped into a bar.
That's why you may want to check out David Glass Incredible Reduced Fat Chocolate Truffle Cake.
The tempting chocolates have fillings of praline ice cream covered in Belgian milk chocolate, ginger and orange ice cream with Belgian plain chocolate, Cappuccino ice cream with Belgian white chocolate and Chocolate truffle ice cream with Belgian plain chocolate.
Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle is a combination of Starbucks signature espresso, chestnut flavor and white chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and chestnut drizzle.
Co-op Truly Irresistible Belgian Chocolate Truffle Torte, PS4.